Friday, May 2, 2008

My Labour Day

My housing warming is nearing in another 2 more days. Supposed to clean up the house and get things prepared for the final day.. But hey! Isn't today Labour Day? Labourers are supposed to rest and relax.. So, I told hubby, " Dear, today is Labour Day lei. Ain't we supposed to take a rest and nuah @ home. So can we give a miss in cleaning the house today?" Hubby :"Okie lor, let's nuah today ba.." Yipppeeee!!! My reason is accepted by my higher authority.. Kekeke.. Me and my stupid nonsense again..

This morning went for a show @ 0210hrs. It's the 2 Js show.. I've said it before, me not going to miss it.. Nice show.. It's funny, excited and full of their Kongfus.. Thou, I felt abit weird with the monks, Monkey God, the Heaven Emperor all speaks in English.. Imagine the immortals are all speaking in English. Kinda weird huh.. But overall, its worth spending $9.00 to watch.. Reached home around 5am and head to bed straight. Work up @ 12 plus in the noon as I have meet my mum to go Toa Payoh "Chen Huang" Temple to pray.

After praying, we headed to Hougang Point for our breakfast cum lunch. Forget to take photos. Anyway foods there are not really nice.. Oh talking about foodies.. Finally Blogger's Treat are offically launch.. Here's the video of Daphne & Lan Zhou La Mian.

Extracted from Princessa's Blog.

Yum yumm.. Looks yummy and according to Daphne's blog, she had given the Minced Pork with Bean Sauce Noodle lotsa kisses.. That noodle must be very nice.. Shall head down for a try if I have the chance.. Remember, I will never miss any best food om town. Speaking of the episode, I'm having the urge to submit myself and show the rest of the bloggers where I eat... BUT.. BUT.. Yah Yah! Blame myself.. I am too shy liao.. Hahaha.. of cos not.. I am still looking out for the best of the best in my list to share with the bloggers.. I can't simply recommend food which not everyone loves it right? Alright let me go think about it first...

Back to my original topic.. After having my lunch, we headed home and sleep.. Yes! We sleep again. Too tired liao.. Woke up @ 9 pm, hubby went to buy our dinner.. And now, after my dinner, I am typing this post.. Hahaha.. Alright that's all for my Labour Day, a boring life I had right. Hmm... Hold on tight for my house warming post ba. Shall update all the photos taken on that day.. Tataz..

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