Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life is....

Life is short. Life is full of fun. Life is bright and full of hopes. Life is miserables. Life is grey. These are different people with a different thinkings on LIFE. Lots of things happen to my surrounding friends recently. Be it my family, my friends or my colleague. Seeing & hearing is all the misfortunes things, I begin to re-think, what is actually life? What should we do to make it a easier life for oneself? How to face the worst of the worst scenarios?

A friend of my friend lost his dad in a serious accident and till now, I supposed that he is coping fine with the burden of the family. He is the sole bread-winner of the house now. All the money money issue lays on him now. Pity him? No. Please don't pity him. You may feel sad for him but not pity him cos he is stronger as before now (I supposed). Another friend of mine is always so called "sway" (bad luck). Basically, bad things always happen to her. I mean really bad things. But she is always that strong enough to pull through and I salute her. One thing is that it seems she is getting more and more tired of her life being like this. Meaning, she is getting weaker to handle her war against her life.

Hmmm.. Recalling back.. *Zoooommmm* Back to the day I was born May 28. When I was about to be delivered, my dad rush to the hospital to see mum and me. But dad ended up staying in another hospital. (Due to an accident). From the day onwards, I was a jinx to dad. Life when I was young was lousy. Whatever I wanna, would ended up in my younger brother's hand. Whatever naughty stuffs my younger brother did, it was always me who kanna.. Yes! Tied up with a string attached to the ceiling board, standing on a stool, get wrack by a cane. If I try to run, I would fall off the stool and "shooozz" the string tied to my hands will tighten and caught me hanging in the mid air. I am even chase out of the house at the tender age of 4. Feeling chilled till my neighbour came back seeing me sitting at my doorstep. He knocked at my door, demanding my dad to let me in and ofcos finally I was let in. I am always his venting machine. He would always punished me if my younger brother did something wrong or even when he is in foul mood. Then one fine day, he fall to his death infront of my eyes. I am shocked. I feel lost. Luckily, I still have my boyfriend whom is now my hubby around. He call for ambulance and keeping closed to dad. But it was too late. Dad is pronounce dead. At that time, my mind was completely blank. Lots of people ask me, " Isn't it good that your dad has pass away? At least you do not need to face the fierce face of his." My answer to them. NO! He is my dad afterall. I always belief that he have his own reason to treat me like this. This was the time where I am lost. I nearly go berserk, still remember I was suffering from depression. All thanks to my friends and hubby. They are so supportive to me and encouraging me to face the reality in life. Lucky, I managed to walk out of the darkest of my life. With all the shits happening to me, I came to understand the word LIFE more. One need to be strong inorder to run through all the obstacles create by the environment or "GOD". Always be optimistic to look at the world you are facing. The earth is still turning, life still goes on be it you are happy or sad. Why not choose to be happy with your life rather than blaming this and that not fair.

Live life to the fullest is what one should do. Be it a nasty or happy ending one, we should be strong and positive to face it. Always remember, you are not living in the worst life. There are more people outside this world suffering 10 times of what you are suffering now.. Be brave to face it, be brave to stand up where you have fall. Pour everything out if you have too. Find someone whom you trust to be your listening ear and this could really ease alot in your heart. myspace graphic comments

To me, change all annoys to happiness is to make your life easier.. I know its hard. But since I can why not you guys.. Give it a try!

P/S : Gal, I know recently you have been tough. And no one will understand how you feel. How hurt you are or even how afraid you are. But remember always think on the bright side and you still have your friends and kins around you to help you and willing to lend you their listening ears. *Wink*

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