Saturday, March 29, 2008

Finally the photos are up!

Finally, I have the time to upload the photos.. Enjoy it..

Ryan's Birthday Cake

Ryan.. This is Serene's son

Ryan cutting his birthday cake. Look at him.. So happy..
Frm left, Ryan, Ryna & Natasha

Natasha & Ryna

My new house corridor

My new house main door

The living room cum dining room.. Small right.

Kitchen area.. Angle taken from the living room

Kitchen again. Angle from the laundry service yard

Laundry service yard.. Angle from the kitchen
Common Toilet..

My mum's room

Mahjong room.. Nice view ya!!

Master Bedroom. Angle from the door..
Another angle of master bedroom

Master Bedroom.. Another angle.

Master Bedroom toilet

That's all folks.. ;)

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

All I can say is, I really enjoy yesterday nite "BBQing" with all the "brats". Opps.. To mean for that.. Nah, they are all my staffs.. All the little ones.. *Sweet*

Have a little chat with them and realised one thing.. LEO HAVE ALREADY GROWN UP liao wor.. Prob cos of losing his love one abt a month and the pain is making him to be a little grow up.. *Wink*

OMG.. Gonna stop here, shall continue tonite and together with all the photos. This I "SOM PA"..

TATAz.. Boss is here liao..

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

"They" are haunting you?

Before I start off with the little story on the title I stated in my blog title, I shall give a little debrief on my new house renovation progress.

The renovation is coming to an end, and they are starting to clear up. Been there to do a sudden check 2 days before with hubby and the results is good but if you look into details, it sucks. Cast aside the additional cost issue which I have to pay for no reason (Which I think that he is treating me like a "carrot"), the PAINT WORK they gave me simply pissed me off. THERE ARE MARKS ON THE WALLS.. The marks are like as though they had painted and accidentally touch it when semi dry. Then they just paint over the damaged paint without doing anything.. (Know? The liquid paper have not dry and you write on it, it become like a mark and you use liquid paper to go over it again.) *Faint* I had feedback to hubby regarding this issue and ask him to tell the contractor. When hubby told him regarding my issue, the contractor replied "OH.. It's like that de.." *KOAZ* This is crappy.. Don't give me nonsense lor.. Luckily Wilson is helping me out to trash things out with him.. ERr.. Maybe not trash.. Hahaha.. Thanks Wilson anyway.. (BTW Wilson is Yvonne's boyfriend, a very helpful man.)

Alright that's for all lah.. Too long for my debrief. Now next story about Yvonne.. She have not been sleeping well these few nights. Hmmm I supposed should be about 4 days le ba.. It's all because of her White butterfly issue.. Shall not say much about her butterfly thingy.. Maybe you may link to read more from her blog and get a better understanding.. I bet after you read it.. You must be thinking how can it be.. She must be too tired or stress or worn out and cause her imagination runs wild.. Listen here, I know this gal for more and 5 years and she used to double tired or stress or worn out.. But she did not tell me this type of things before. Me freak out when she told me her encounter and I am really worried of her.. I am worried that she might not be able to hang on.. Told her to go to the temple and pray and get an amulet if available to ward off any evil. She JUST SIMPLY REFUSE..

"GAL I am angry liao wor.. Pls do something to it.. You may get hurt if you don't do so."

You guys may say I am too superstitious.. But nothing in this world is not possible.. You won't believe it if you don't see it.. And yes I am ghost is what I saw before and I raised both my legs and hands to agree on such things is available in this world... And I belief that Yvonne could have disturb the White butterfly and the butterfly is revenging or purely wanna disturb her.. A piece of advise to everyone, do not try to catch / kill / TAKE PHOTOs a butterfly which is flying around in your house. My mum says, those butterflies are usually with spirits in them. How can one butterfly fly in the middle of the night in your house and furthermore your house got no flowers?

God.. I pray you could help Yvonne and let her overcome this.. Amitaba.. :)

Sorry, still no photos yet.. Pls bear with me yah..

Phew long post this time..

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Monday, March 24, 2008

My Monday Morning myspace graphic comments

Yawn.. *Stretching out my body*.. Feeling abit "blurish" now. Woke up rather early this morning, like around 4:30am.. Look here, I don't wake up this early & previous night I am slept @ 2am. *Yawn again*

I have a very important things to handle, that's why I have to wake up that early with hubby. We are shifting our Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy - Hope I get it right) to our new house. Mum is helping us too. And that means, she has to forsake her beauty sleep to help me.. *Feeling giddy now*

Hubby was carrying the statue of Guan Yin and mum was carrying the incense holder, while I am the driver for the morning trip. We reach our new house in the morning. The moment we step in, I was Hmmm.. should I use the word SHOCK. It was so nice with the lightings. Sorry guys, forget to take photo again. Shall take if I have the chance. The living room feeling is so cosy and that's the feeling I wanna.. Thanks Wen Qiang, you did a good job. I love the feature wall, I love the colour of
my flats and most importantly, I love the kitchen cabinet. Its so so different from the rest of HDB.. *I may be abit swa ku (Mountain turtle). But I really din see any of the HDB flat does the same kitchen cabinet as mine.. *Abit proud liao*.. Back to our Guan Yin. Both mum and Hubby start to busy with placing Guan Yin at the table that we have prepared. After settling the Guan Yin, mum took a little tour around our house and seems glad on the renovation.

After viewing the house, we headed home and that was about 6 am.. We hurried home so we can catch more sleep before we start work. We sleep for another 1 1/2 hour den went to work. Now here at office, I am still in dreamy mode and seriously I wanna sleep more..

Sorry, still haven't load photos for my house yet.. Shall do it real soon!! myspace graphic comments

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OH.... It cost us a bomb..

Fainting real soon.. All rolling in @ a time. Furniture, electrical appliance, renovation, cooker hood and hob, aircon and many many more stuffs.. We are spending 5 figure amount from Sat to today. And the worst part is, we have to wait for all the stuffs to send in to our new house so our contractor can help us to assemble all in one.

Today, both me and hubby have taken leave to just wait for all the stuffs to be send in. First the aircon @ 9am. Then went to Jalan Besar to buy our lightnings with our contractor. Then go back to our house to wait for the Sumsung delivery man to send our TVs in @ 2 pm. Then wait for the hardware ppl to deliver our sink, tap, cooker hood and hob @ 3 pm. And lastly, the electrical appliance like refrigerator, our Home Theatre system, DVD player and the water storage heater @ 5 pm.. Then we waited for the electrician to settle the re-routing..

After that we went to IKEA for some more shopping since we are unable to do it on Sunday after shopping from 4 pm to 10 pm.. MONEY again... Now I bet you guess know why we are gonna faint real soon.

Still have lotsa things to buy.. A fitting curtain, a pool table as a dinning table, bathroom stuffs.. OOHHHHH... We need help.. hahaha... This is really tiring.. Think I shall make it a short one.. Gonna hit the sack.. myspace graphic comments myspace graphic comments

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Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Not Easy.. Really Not EASY!

Shack is the only word that I can used for both me and Hubby.. Since the our house key collection, me and hubby had been running around Singapore like nobody biz. *OMG bones are shattering*

We have been running to Audio House, Mustafa, Courts and finally one of the HDB void deck shop house. We finally settle down with the following electrical appliances : -

1) 40" Sumsung LCD TV - $1650.00 (Not the lastest model thou but HD Ready mode)
2) 32" Sumsung LCD TV - $749.00 (Not the latest model thou but HD Ready mode too)
3) 3 door upright Mitsubishi Electric Refridgerator - $750.00
4) System 3 Fujitsu Airconditioning - $1950.00
5) Elaine cooker (forget what's the word use.. The one that we cook our food link to the gas one) and exhuast - $500.00
All these must buy by today so we can get them fix up by Monday and the contractor can start to renovate my home le.

As for tomorrow, guess I need to take a off day to settle some of the home stuffs like, wait for the SP Service people to come and switch on the electrical and water supply. Next, have to go to Ikea to get mirrors and the curtain hook. Next need to see some furniture and then if need to buy some decoration for our home. Next to go buy the pool table to act as dinning table. Woahh.. So many things to clear... *Faint*

Still have to take leave either on Monday or Tuesday to meet up the contractor to go round the house to check for any defaults in the house, then go see lightnings. Before going round with the contractor, we need to make sure the aircon man come to fix up the aircon first.

Argghhh.. This is really lotsa things to look into.. More to come still. Furnitures is another headache.. *Already faint on the floor*.

P/s : Shall get the photos for my house ready soon. Give me some time.. Too busy liao.. ;) myspace graphic comments

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Excuse me.. But is this Singapore

I was browsing Winnilicious's blog and came across her post which mention about a Disney Restaurant. Then she mentioned that it was Veron who being there and actually posted in her blogред So I decided to head to Veron's blog to get more details and info.

Well Well.. I could not believe that the Disney Theme restaurant is just located in a place near us.. SINGAPORE wor.. Hmmm.. It's rather tempting. GOSH! Mickey mouse and family is waving at me asking me to visit them one of these days. Wondering hubby will bring me there mah? Although, I haven't been to the place before but it seems so attractive not only to kids but also adults. At least it attracts me and Winnilicious. "Hey Shanna.. Remember to bring your daughter there wor.. Same goes to Serene and Esther.. Bring your kids there!"

Here's some of the menu and pictures. (Part of the details and photos are extracted from Milkfrost's Blog & Natsu's Blog.)

Supposed to be the entrance

Interior of the restaurant.

Hand Washing Bay area

The Menu.. So cute isn't it?

OMG!!! They also have show times wor...! Worthwhile.. Can eat and watch show @ the same time..

Some of the foods and drinks they served.

This place is definitely making me melts..Wondering if there is Winnie-The-Pooh bear and friends around anot. It will be my hangout place if Pooh bear can be found there.. I MUST visit this place one of these days. Maybe Sunday.. Hmmmm..

The address is @ :

Disney Naturally Anchorpoint

370 Alexandra Road


Singapore 159953 [map]

(65) 6479 2823

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OMG! This is hard for him..

I was browsing one of my bestie's blog and came across one of her latest post.. After reading this post, my heart sink right to the bottom and I am sort of feeling sad for Ah Bao. Although I don't really know who is Ah Bao, but after several conversation with Yvonne and came across his name, he seems like one of my invisible friend too..

Who can accept the true on their love ones leaving them forever? I can understand how Ah Bao is feeling right now. No consolation words or even jokes can ease him.. He must be lost and he definitely needs time to accept the fact that his dad had already left him. And too he definitely needs time to stand back to his feet. The feeling of losing someone who is so dear to you (especially the one who is always by your side) is not anyone can easily understand... I can understand how he is feeling right now cos I too lost my dad @ the age of 19 and had to take up the burden.. Meaning, at the age of 19, I'm already the sole breadwinner.

This is what happen to his dad.

(Extracted from Yvonne's Blog)

This is the exact news that Yvonne had extracted online:

A LORRY rammed into another in front, swiped it off the lane, and ploughed into a car, crushing the driver inside to death on Tuesday afternoon.
The horrendous accident, which caused another car and SBS bus to be hit, took place on Loyang Avenue towards Tampines Road at about 3.30 pm, causing a massive traffic jam in the area.
Eyewitnesses said the lorry first hit a lorry in the centre lane, side-swiped it to the left and went on to slam a car, which was slowing to a stop at the junction. Ahead of the car was another car and an SBS bus.
Mr Koh Yong Soon, 40, who was a passenger in the lorry hit, told The Straits Times: 'Everything happened so fast. After our lorry was rammed, it ploughed into the car in front and went on top of it, crushing the car and driver.

The driver died on the spot.Mr Koh, who works for Chong Heng Paper Products, and his colleague, who drove the lorry, were unhurt, but two Chinese men were taken to Changi General Hospital.The accident drew a big crowd and sparked a traffic snarl.

(Photos extract from Yvonne's Blog)

(Photo Extract from Yvonne's Blog)

Can you imagine his dad is in the red saloon? Who can survive in such an ordeal?

I have always say, why drive so fast during raining days or even when the road is still wet? If you are running late, you can always leave for your destination early. Why wait till last minute and give yourself the reason for speeding and give yourself a chance to hurt others and their family members? This is really a tragic to his dad... I hope uncle can rest in peace and Ah Bao to stand back on his feet real soon.

Guys and Gals, please shower your love ones with your love and fulfil whatever you have promise them.. Don't always say "Wait lah.. Show them love can be anytime de lah.. Wait till Mother's Day or Father's Day or whatever day lah.. My own stuff is more important now."
OMG! Bet my mood is really down.. (It reminds me of my father death)

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Monday, March 10, 2008

What a busy Sunday I had

Phew.. Usually, my Sunday is a rest and relax day for me. But I bet with effect from last Sunday onwards, I supposed my every Saturdays and Sundays will not be a R & R day for me until the day I move into my new house.

There is really lotsa things to prepare. From buying of furnitures, to kitchen electrical to bathroom accessories.. This is really tough job... So last sunday, me and hubby woke up @ ard 12pm and left home @ 1pm to IKEA and COURTS for some shoppings and ofcos to collect information of the pricing.

There are few things that we have seen and confirm will be buying from IKEA is the window curtains.

Curtain (LILL)
(Price applies for this product as per description shown)
Can be cut to desire length; no hemming required. Sheer transparent fabric; lets light through. Slotted heading; easy to hang. 100% polyester. W280xL250cm.
Designer: IKEA of Sweden

Curtain rod
(Price applies for this product as per description shown)
Adjustable width. Powder-coated steel.

(Price applies for this product as per description shown)
Particleboard,foil top/ steel support/ tempered glass panels. W43xD37, H162cm. Prepared for lighting; lighting sold separately.
Designer: IKEA of Sweden

There are many more stuffs we saw @ Ikea and we are definetly gonna get our stuffs there.. Hmm.. Maybe this Saturday and Sunday again.

As for today, I need to go and purchase my electrical stuffs, the refridgerator, cooker top (dunno what it is called in actual), aircons and the TVs. Oh and also, my sink... Wahahaha...

Shall update my photos real soon.. Too busy..

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Review of Rule #1

After watching the show yesterday night, hmmm.. How should I put it? Not a very good one like "THE MAID".

This show is about a rookie cop by Shawn Yue was transfer to Miscellaneous Adminstration (Can't remember if this is correct anot) Department (MAD) after he killed a wanted man by Hong Kong Police Force. Reason he is being transferred is because of his statement. In his statement he mentioned that he saw a ghost and it was the ghost who save his life. And his officer wanted him to change his statement as they thinks that it is ridiculous but Shawn Yue refuse to change.

When he reaches MAD, he and his officer by Ekin Cheng always received calls from the public saying that their place got "dirty" things and wanted them to assist to find a way out. Few occasions, Ekin lied to the public that there was nothing happen but Shawn saw the "things" and was very unhappy with Ekin stating that how can he lied to the public. Ofcos Ekin explain to his doings and Shawn had sort of accept.

The most exciting part came.. Shawn was haunted by the man which he killed before he was transferred to MAD. And this man had possessed countless woman and kill them. And ofcos Shawn's wife/ girlfriend by Fiona Xie was also being possessed and .......

Go to the cinema and see this show lah.. No free show here de lor... Pay up if u wanna complete the story.. ;)

This show storyline is not really scary. The scary part is the sound system. Tokong ar.. Near scare me to death... Go try yourself ba..


What a F#@k night I am going through

Everything is wrong and very wrong around me. I don't know what's going on and it seems that I can't handle it anymore. I wish to drop all the burden and leave this place for good. No one will think or even to bother about me. People in this world is simply cruel and selfish. I don't understand why I can't be the like the rest, be more selfish and more cruel and heartless.

First hit was done by hubby. As my new house key is collected, we had been discussing on what to be done and what need not be done (for the purpose of saving money) but hubby always wanted to DIY himself. The problem I'm facing now is, HE DID NOT EVEN TRY OUT DIY BEFORE. So as to say, the result for the DIY is unknown. If we look at the bad side, which means, if the DIY don't work, then we have to spend another sum of money to redo the area again. FOR WHAT FARK! Why do we have to spemd additional money in these stuffs. My words to him, "If everyone can DIY, then what's the point of having renovation contractor on this earth?" Result of this arguement, I have given up on the renovation. Let him settle everything by himself. If the result of the renovation, I would just simply moved out without 2nd words. LOOK NO JOKE HERE.

Next hit is the worst one. My mum. She came back home before we wanna leave the house for movie. Her first reaction when she saw me was just simply shouting and yanking at me. This issue is causing real big prob for me. I wanna have my own house with only me and hubby but this old woman insist in moving in with me together with my bro. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Initially I rejected her proposed but later give in to 1 year of 2 persons world before she sell the house away and move in with us. BUT but.. She don't agree and INSIST of moving in at the same time. Otherwise, she will still sell the house and rent the house from her farking friends.. Then she will disown me as a daughter. DISOWN is the word she use.. So can anyone tell me what world is this. I can't imgaine.. Is it wrong to have my own curdly world with hubby? Is it wrong to make a simple request from her? At this point of writing, I am all shattered. Shattered by her word DISOWN. Is it that simple to say disown?

I am really in foul mood.. I can't think well now.. I need to talk to someone, otherwise I might.......... myspace graphic comments myspace graphic comments

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Rule #1

Yeah! I am going for this show later @ 1125pm.. Spooking... Excited.. Haha.. Going with Karen, Sherard and our timid Victor.. Keke..

Shall write a review later ba.

Cast: Shawn Yue, Ekin Cheng, Fiona Xie
Director: Kelvin Tong
Genre:Horror/ Drama
Language: Mandarin Release
Date:13 March 2008Running
Time:95 minutes

Synopsis :

RULE #1 traces the chilling stories uncovered by the Police Force's emergency calls centre. Everyday the centre receives 185 phone calls, 180 of them are about felonies rapes, murders, robberies, kidnappings The other five begin with "there's something strange in my house.."

RULE #1 tells the shocking and twisted tale of veteran cop Wong (Ekin Cheng) and rookie Lee (Shawn Yue) as they plunge head first into a series of spooky investigations


It's Tiffany Birthday

Last Saturday, I went to attend Tiffany's birthday party. Tiffany? Who is Tiffany? Hehehe.. She is one of my secondary school friend's baby girl.

I was there rather late due to my work @ the part time job. Last minute gotta work so I have to go to the party @ a later hour abt 10 plus .. Woah! Its really a long time since I have meet up Shanna (Tiffany's mum), Justin and Jenny.. Had a great chat and ofcos joking around. (Poor hubby have to stay there doing nothing like a nerd)

Well now let some of the photos do the talkings..

From Left - Jenny, Zen (Justin's Friend), Me, Hubby and Justin's Mum.

Same photos but with Shanna beside me this time.

From left bottom - Jenny, Shanna, Tiffany (Birthday girl) and Justin. Wasn't in picture cos was late.

It's Shanna and Tiffany.. *Piangz* They really look alike lor.. Same mould indeed.
Saw Tiffany's birthday cake.. So nice and the price oso nice wor.. (Secret - Heard it was abt $200+.. Rich parents lei.)

Our cute little Princess and the female lead of the day..

Alright that's all for the pictures.. Let's wish Tiffany a



Thursday, March 6, 2008

More & more Nearer

Woah.. Another 2 more hours and I will be leaving office and head to HDB to collect our keys.. Not a good weather today.. Wondering people says that water means prosperity.. So I am thinking if my new house is a prosperous house? (Oops thinking to much liao)

Really can't wait to enter my new house. Hope we can settle all the stuffs early then we can proceed to shop for our furniture after that.. Hubby went shopping alone yesterday wor.. He saw few furniture shops and did mentioned one of it.. They offer $3000.00 for 4 pcs of furniture (1 dinning table, 1 coffee table, 1 sofa and 1 TV console.) Isn't it a great deal.. That is the place I wanna go later.

*Whistling* Can't help but keep smiling for no reason..

GTG.. Shall upload the photos later...


Yeah!!! New Home for my Blog..

Phew... Finally completed migrating my blog.. It's really not easy to migrate from one URL to another. I must really thank Princessa for helping me to migrate from my friendster's blog to haspoken blog. And ofcos helping me to apply all the advertorial... :)

Now, after migrating all the stuffs, I have to pend for my this new URL to get approve by the advertiser. *Pray* Hope they approve my new URL.

So now friends.. Pls remember to change my link URL to wor..



Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A fresh new Blog

Well Well... It's rather though to migrate from one blog to another and I am trying hard to do it one by one. Pls hang on tight and shall get it done as soon as possible.

Phew... Tataz.. Signing off to carry on migrating the blog liao..