Monday, November 24, 2008


Hey peeps, I'm back from my holiday since last week.. Apologise for MIA so long.. Have been rushing to clear off all my office stuffs before I can go home early without getting mentally too tired to load my photos. I think by this week I should be able to load and modify the photos le ba.. *Really hope so*

Alright, talk a little about the trip. Basically, going Korea for holiday is more or less for sight-seeing. Following a tour group don't really give you the sufficient time for shopping basically. But if you don't go with tour group, then you make sure you learn to speak and read korean language, cos almost 90% of them don't know how to speak english or chinese. The restaurant or eatery menu shows only Korean language. One interesting issue happen when we are in Seoul. We wanted to had supper in our hotel rooms but dun intend to call for room service, so we walked to the nearest Family Mart (our 7-Eleven). We bought some cup noodles (FYI, their cup noodles is very very nice as compared to those we sell in Singapore. Same brand same favour but different taste), we also saw one packet of sausage and wanted to buy it to mix with our noodles. Then we bring to the counter to ask the cashier whether is it chicken, pork or beef meat. We start to act as chicken, pig and cow but ended up, the cashier still don't understand what we trying to ask. We are such a laughing stock to the Koreans. We, ourself also cannot control and laugh together with them.. Sounds silly but its the exprience that counts.

I think its time for me to stop here, I need to rush for my paper work already. Tata.. Shall upload photo soon. (lots of it to upload wor)


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3rd Day in Korea

Heeya.. Today is the 3rd day in Korea.. And I am in the Dosematic Flight waiting to fly to Daegu to carry on my 3rd day trip.

Temperature here is rather cold. My skin is like gonna crack.. Anyway, another short post cos I am gonna check in again..

I will find any possible chance to blog as and when.. So tataz./


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bye Bye.. Leaving for Holiday

I am actually blogging in the airport and this is my first time blogging here.. It will be a rather short post cos I only have 10 mins of usage time balance..

Will be leaving for Korea Seoul in another 30 mins time.. Hope everything goes well there.. And ofcos I come back in one piece with hubby.. Oh Yah! My voice finally came back.. I CAN TALK finally... Yippee...

Gonna miss Niki for sure.. Never leave him at home with mum and brother for so long time. Wondering if they can take care of him well.. Hope he will be fine till I comes back..

Alright, as I say.. It's a rather short post.. Going to board the plane soon.. Tataz.. See you till then.. Bye bye..

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Being a Dumb

Don't get offended by my title of my blog wor.. I am just trying to express out my feelings of being unable to talk / talk well..

I was attack my flu bug and had lost the battle since Tues. So now the virus had attack my throat and the throat is now infected. Due to the throat infection, I have lost the ability of talking / talking properly now.. On Wednesday nite, out of a sudden, I've lost my voice, which I dunno wad is the cost at that time. So on Thursday, I just go to work as per normal. When I reach office and start to battle, I notice that I simply can't talk properly. Down the whole day, the most single word I heard from others is "HUH".. Arrggghh.. So about 1545, I took half day and went to see doctor..

After diagnose, the doctor said that my throat was infected by virus and he said that my ear might be attack too.. He had given me some swell medication for my throat and antibiotic to complete the course. He even given me double dosage for the antibiotic as I told him I am going for holiday tomorrow..

Now, even thou. I was given 2 days MC. I am still in the office working. Then this bloody idiot (the manager) gave me attitude.. I just shot him and email cos it really pissed me off.

I don't know if its cos you are busy.. If you feel offended if I ask you the 2nd time when I don't understand what you trying to say. Then pls send me an email to tell me..

I can't hear well and talk well cos of infection. I am supposed to be on MC today. If you really that pek chek in talking to me den tell me, I will take the MC and ask June to send down Dorlyn.. Just don't throw your temper..

If I know, I have to suffer this type of attitude, I would have just take the mc and rest at home. KNN.. Damn pissed off now.. Let me go cool down first.. Bye..

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I lost the battle

Yup yup! I lost the battle to the flu bug!. I am down with rather bad flu.. My throat sore like as thou there is a saw sawing inside. Can you imagine I spit the flam (hope the spelling is correct) out and the flam is covered with blood. Prolly cos of the infection and the smoking. I need to recover by end of sat. If not how to go holiday like that.

This few days, I have been working non stop so as to clear my office job as much as possible before I go on leave. I do not want to have anything left behind and affect my job when I go on holiday.

Oh yah! One more thing. I still haven't upload the photos for hubby's birthday.. Shall do it with my Korea photos then when I come back.. Alright, shall make this short and simple, I am too tired to type any longer.. My noise block all the oxygen and I am breathing hardly for air.. Good nite pals.. Tataz..


Monday, November 3, 2008

Bugged by Virus again..

I am going for holiday in less then 5 days but I am starting to feel kinda weird.. My body started to ache. My nose is blocking and the pressure from the nose is also blocking my ear. Worst part, my throat is so painful. In short, I am falling sick soon. I am very very lethargic now.. Dunno how lor.. I need to stop all virus attack before heading to Korea. I wan to be energetic during my holiday.

Can't wait for my holiday to come seriously. I have been packing my luggage since last weekends. Kiasu huh.. Yes, I am. But I am more worried that if I have missed anything out. I don't wanna spoil the whole holiday.

Gosh!! My hyper-active cells is acting up again... I can't wait to fly over.. *jumping around in the house* But now at this point of time, I think I better think out a good way to eliminate all the sick bugs away... Any suggestion?

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Privacy? You need it?

I was reading The New Paper yesterday during lunch time and I got the motivation to write this topic out. (Pardon me for my broken English / Singlish and its written purely under my own thoughts without the intention of affecting or outbreaking any riots)

Privacy.. This is the word we always used and most of us are yearning for.. (Especially those teenagers) But minority of us have the freedom to do whatever they want to. The news I read was regarding a Primary school teacher - Tina (not her real name) had to be withdraw out from a bikini competition organised by Wicked Weasel because of her profession. All she did was that she submitted photos of her own self with her hot bikini on. She do have a blog too but it had already been close down after this incident. Reason for dropping is because she is a teacher and as a role model to the students, parents and teachers thinks that what she did is inappropriate. Her explanation that this is her private lifestyle after school is not accepted by the public. Accusation was put on her that posing for such photos does insinuate more loose values. (Photos can be found in

Now my point of view is, Teachers are also human beings. They also have their likings and is it to say that if due to the profession they are holding on, they have to let go the rest of their likings? To me , taking photos with bikini is nothing, not as if they are naked? Come to think, recently, there have been lots of news regarding teacher having blog is being counselled and some even get sack.. Hmmm.. If I am not wrong, I have seen TV commercial advertising application needed for the occupation as a teacher. So if they are to pull too tight to such an extend that teachers can't have the own privacy of life eg. having own blogs, do you think there will still be new bloods going into the schools? Too me, by then, schools will be a boring ones with those "upright" teachers.. Now we are in the year of 2008 and down the road, there will be even more opened minded people. Is it to say, in future there will be no teacher to teach our next generation? I hope not, and I hope to see abit more liberal mind parents.

Whats your point of view then..?

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