Sunday, April 26, 2009

Have I recover?

Last friday I went back to work and never guess it wrongly, my table was piled up with more works.. Now I know it, cannot take mc. Take MC or annual leaves equal to piles and piles of work.. Nevertheless, I finish work around 8 and headed home for more rest.. That day was a tough day for me. Fever strike me again after lunch and I'm feeling damn bad. Plus I vommited on that day. Haiz wonders when will all these sickness leave me alone.

Today, already Sunday. My fever had gone down, my diarrhea had slow down. But my blocking nose is not doing any good. Guess I could be suffering from Sinus. Will be seeing the doctor again if the blockage still don't ease. Prolly would get her suggestion, to use the nose spray.

Suppose to meet Princess Yvonne but today, she have a dinner with her boyfriend and his family members. Prolly will meet her up next week for prawning or a dinner ba.. I wanted to go Kushinbo but first of most I need my body to get recover before I can have my sumptous meal.. Wahahahaha. I had received one of my credit card bill and it was abt $390.00.. Out of the $390.00, $240.00 was my card annual fee.. Damn it! That was expensive.. How can I get it waive off? Or I have to cancel the card away. That's way too expensive le..

Tomorrow is a start of the brand new week and I hope everything runs well for me. I hope my fever will not come back again cos I think I suffering from flu bug again or my so called Sinus is back into action... Friends please do take care, especially Yvonne and Esther. Both of them are sick now..

"God, please do take care of them and watch over them for me!"


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sickly Chicken!

I'm on MC today. After 1 year, I finally down with virus again. Taking mc during 3 months probation don't seem so good but no choice I really can't drag myself to work.

On Tuesday after lunch, I was like feeling very thirsty. I tried to drink more water but still at the end of the day, my throat is so sore. The moment I drink water or even swallow my saliva my throat pains too. Then at night, the fever came to me.

Yeasterday morning, my throat sore like hell and I was like my fever is getting from bad to worst. By afternoon, I'm having a running nose and watery eyes plus diarrhea. After work, I head home straight and take a rest hoping I will get better. But by 9 plus, my whole body is aching and I could feel the heat from my body. Finally, I can't take it anymore and I went to the clinic to see the doctor.

The doctor took my temperature and it reads 39.. Yes!!! 39 degrees. Doctor says if I delay further I might have to go hospital. The diagnose was probably gastric flu and the virus caused the fever. The virus too attached my throat, nose and eyes. And that explain why I'm having sore throat, running nose and watery red eyes. The other possibility was that I could have suffer Sinus too and probably the sinus had worsen and caused the fever, flu and watery eyes.

I was given few medications to take and hoping to cure this sick. If not otherwise, I have to back to her again. Doctor also said that the fever will not subside for the next 3 days. That's why I was given MC today. If till tomorrow still the same, doctor ask me to go back to her again to take MC again.

Lacteol Fort - For Acute Diarrhea & Gas
Librax / Chlorax - For treatment of abdomen wind / discomfort for irritable bowels
Cirrus (Zyrtec) - For allergic Rhinitis & Nasal congestion
Pacofen - For pain, fever & headache
Fucithalmic Eye Gel - For eyes infections

So many medicine to complete and hopefully I can recover fast. Wondering how to work tomorrow if my fever still persist and my eyes is still watery and red.. Haiz.. Alright gonna sign off now. Need to take good rest and hope the fever will go off..


Monday, April 13, 2009

The long week end just ended

First of most, I need to wish every a belated Happy Easter Day. Hope you guys have lotsa chocolate easter eggs.. Alright, the long weekend just officially ended. And tomorrow need to start to work hard le wor. Prolly another battle to go cos the migrating of the system had just completed, so I believe there will be another lot of jobs to learn and do.

How was your holiday? Hope is a nice one. Mine? Duh... Simple one. Had gone prawning on Saturday night, then mahjong session till Friday morning 7 am. After mahjong session, had accompany mum to market for breakfast. Headed home after breakfast and then sleep all the way till night time. Basically, the whole Friday was a sleeping day for me and hubby. We slept the whole day. Then on Saturday, another lazy day for us. We stayed at home the whole day and sleep, watch tv, eat and sleep.. Hahahah. Such a big pig we are right!

Today, we went to pray my dad for the Chinese Ching Ming Festival. After that headed to Ang Mo Kio Market for late breakfast. Went home straight for a rest and a small talking session with mum. It's been time since we sit down and had a good chat. It just feel so warm when you know your mum is just still concern about you. Be it in work, personal life and especially when she knows I'm being stung badly by the mosqitoe last week when I go prawning @ Pasir Ris. She helped me to apply to medicated cream. Hahahah.. To be frank, the act makes me return back to my young times when I was in Primary school. I really miss those schooling days. Then abt evening time, we went for dinner with Royce, Karen, Vincent, Geling and the kids @ Changi Airport Fish & Co. Quite a nice and heavy dinner.. Till now, I'm still feeling bloated. Oh yah! We went for Swensen's Ice cream after the dinner too. So can you imagine how full I am now..

Nearly forgotten. Have you file you income tax already? Do you know the due date for the filing is on this coming Wednesday? Do remember to still submit your income tax even though your company is submitting your salary for you wor. Don't be like hubby kanna fine cos he did not submit on his end.

Alright its late liao. Need to clear up the mess and go sleep liao.. Oppss.. Still forget to download the photos.. Argghh!! Will try to do it tomorrow ba.. Night night!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Haunted or Not!

Today, I just heard a breathe stopping "rumours". I was on a lift up to my office during lunch time after buying my lunch back to office. I press level 9 for the lift but seems no avail. I've tried for 3 times and finally it works. Then after having my lunch, I went down to the building and smoke. I then went back up after smoking. Again, I remember I press level 9 and stand aside of the lift as I saw some people coming into the lift. I then notice that they are my colleagues.

One of my colleague then say, the lift has got wind. Another colleague say "Just tell her that the lift was haunted." At that point of time, I was like stunned for a moment. Then they carried on saying that some of the colleagues saw a head dropping from the ventilation of the lift. I was like what the hell, please tell me you guys are just joking.

Initially, I was just thinking that it is just a rumour. But when I went back to office and while doing my work. I heard my another colleague saying the same thing. This time round, I know its not just a rumour and is for real. Few of them saw the same thing. Gosh! How am I going to take the lift back home! I need someone to accompany go home liao.. Better be prepare than be sorry.

People like my mum says, if you just ignore them, they will not disturb you. Treat it as a rumour and nothing will happen. Believe it or not is up to you. For me, I will try my very best to forget the whole rumours and live like nothing happen. Hahaha.. Sounds scary right. Hmm. Pray hard for me that nothing will happen to me..

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Movie Review - Shinjuku Incident (NC16/Violence)

Had went to watch Shinjuku Incident with Hubby, Rina and Victor.. Too be frank, it's not a very exciting show. I'm expecting lots of fighting scene with Jackie Chan's stunts but this time round, its more on the show and stunts are not much.. Quite a let down.

Cast: Jackie Chan, Naoto Takenaka, Daniel Wu

Director: Derek Yee

Genre:Action/ Drama

Language: Mandarin

Release Date:2 April 2009

Running Time:120 minutes

The Chinese migrant communities in Tokyo live shadowy lives. The Japanese neither acknowledge nor welcome them. They are shunned by the mainstream society, hounded by the yakuza, and go about their days under fear of being discovered and repatriated.

It is an alien world for Steelhead, an honest, hardworking tractor repairman from Heilongjian in northern China. Steelhead had decided to take the perilous journey to Tokyo after he lost contact with his girlfriend, who had arrived in the city earlier.

Trying to exist in the underbelly of Tokyo long enough to find Xiu Xiu, Steelhead has come to realize the migrants had to stand united if they wanted to go about their lives without fear of oppression by not only the Japanese underworld but also Chinese gangs.

In his search of a decent living, Steelhead unwittingly finds himself pit against the Japanese yakuza. Ironically he also discovers that Xiu Xiu has adopted a Japanese identity and married Eguchi, an ambitious up and coming yakuza chief.

Steelhead wins the respect of his friends by establishing a base for them and forms an uneasy alliance with Eguchi. When he helps Eguchi dispose of a rival, he is given the control of Shinjukus night establishments. But, uninterested in living a gangsters life, Steelhead finds a new love and takes the chance to start a tractor repair business outside Tokyo. However, his peace is shortlived when word gets to him that his former compatriots were now being used by Eguchi to front the yakuzas drug business.

Steelhead feels responsible for this turn of events and feels obligated to bring Eguchi down. He also has to bear in mind that if he goes after Eguchi, he would be destroying the newfound life of the woman he once loved.

If you like Jackie Chan and want to catch it, then go ahead. Although no much stunts but still a new try for Jackie Chan cos its the 1st time he becomes a ganster.


Monday, April 6, 2009


Had been missing in action for the past few days since my last post.. Had been really busy after my holiday to Genting and since I started my new job.

Took 2 days of rest after coming back from Genting then started my new job. Probably, I've not given myself a proper mental prepare that's why I'm feeling lost. After 2 days of rest, I feel that I'm not having my rest enough. After so many years of working, I'm starting to feel restless in working. Although in a new work environment, still no feelings of excitement can be found in my heart or soul. Perhaps had been in comfort zone for too long. That spells the reason why I'm in lost of my life road.

Back to my new job. Lots of things to learn. I've to start from stretch again. The workload is quite heavy but still acceptable for me. What freaks me out is the working culture. Can you imgaine they go back to office almost every Saturday and they stay back in office till 7 or 8 sometimes even 9? Frankly speaking, I choose to change job is cos I wanted a 5 days work, but come to think I've to come back every Saturday really freaks me out. There are goods in this company too. They have their annual gathering for both Singapore and Malaysia. They have their family day too. I shall try to endure for the 3 months probhation and see if I can survive. I will not leave the company unless the management feels that I'm not suitable for this job.

Anyway, I've already planned my next steps. If the management accepts me, I will definitely work hard for it. But not expecting me to come back on Saturday or even stay back till 8. I will definitely work hard during my working hours as I want to play hard after my working hours. If they don't accept me, prolly, I will just stay away from full time job and work in my part time job for the time being. Rest for a while and wait for the economy get better then will start to find for a job. If not other wise, I might want to start my own venture with Princess Yvonne. Hahahaha.. Wish me luck ba!

Oh yah! Nearly forgotten abt my photos for my holiday. Please stay tune for my next post for my holiday photos ba.!! Till then, I will stay positive like I use to be and I will definitely get updates more on my new job status.

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