Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Ended

Weekend has officially ended. It's 1 in the morning and I've yet go on bed. Still watching the variety show host my Jacky Woo. Shall head to the bed after watching.

  Sunday is my buddy Esther's birthday. Would like to greet her Happy Birthday and wishes all the best things will happen to her. At the same time, I would like to give my condolences to Geling. Her grandma passed away this morning. I hope she can take things easy. Life is like this, live and die is just a line difference. So I hope everyone can take things easy in their life. Holding on too hard will make one miserable.

  Weekends just flash pass too fast. It's my only days to take full rest and recharge myself to chiong for the next 5 days. Haiz.. I'm thinking of my holiday again. Arrgghhh... Let me think abt it.. Cos I don't wanna miss my big trip for this year. Nothing special today happen. Just purely at home nuah and do nothing. Hahha...

  P/S : Life is precious. At times it can be very fragile but it can be strong too.. It really depends on how you want your life to be. Take a close look and think hard!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Time Cooking after 12 years

After watching Channel 8 三菜一, I’ve been motivated to step into the kitchen again to cook a proper meal for hubby. I do cook at times but I usually cook spaghetti or bake rice. Now, I wanna cook a complete meal.


My menu of the day, Sweet Sour Fish, Chicken Meatballs (Initially should be fried thight meat stuff with bacon and cheese),  Bacon rolled with Asparagus, Stirred fried 四季豆 and last but not least ABC soup. Went shopping yesterday @ Market Place @ Paragon.  Have bought the thigh meat, white button mushroom, asparagus and breadcrumbs. The rest of the ingredients will be bought by my mum as she will be going to the market.


After working from the catering @ KFC, I headed home straight to cook. Once I reached home, I immediately prepare all the ingredients. After preparing, I am ready to start my cooking. First to start the ball kicking is the ABC soup. I have to bring the water to boil and add in the 排骨. Bring the water to boil again and throw in the carrots. Allow to cook for 15 mins, add in the potato again. Cook for another 15 mins then throw in the tomato and onions. Simmer till favoured and add in salt for taste and its done.


Follow up is the chicken meat ball. I’m supposed to do the fried chicken thigh meat with bacon and cheese in it but I notice the thigh meat is not the one I needed, therefore, I’ve to change my menu to meat ball. Mince the meat thoroughly, shape the meat in round and stuff a bacon in it. Then followed by coating of egg, flour and bacon. Heat up the oil and dump the balls in. Allow to cook under low heat till golden brown and is ready to serve.


Next is the bacon rolled with asparagus. Fist boil the asparagus to allow it to softed. Next roll the bacon with asparagus in it. Pan fried it till crispy and golden brown. Ready to serve!!!


Sweet sour fish is the next dish. Marinate the fish fillets with pepper and salt. Allow it to dry then coat with egg and flour (do not know what flour is that cos its prepared by mum). Fry the fillets till golden brown and leave one side. Prepare the sauce is not easy for me, I do not know the proportion of the sauce and I just basically “agar agar”. Mixed the ketchup and chilli sauce with water. First stirred fry the garlic, add in the sauce. Boil the sauce and chunk in the carrots. Cook for abt 1 min and put in the tomato. Simmer to thick sauce and add in the fillets and mix well. And “tadah” the fish is really.


Last dish is the vegetables. I’ve stirred fry the garlic and bacon. Later, I’ve add in the prawn. Once the prawn is cooked, I bring it out immediately. Then, I followed to put in the white button mushrooms. Add water and cook for awhile. Last step is to put in the vegetable and prawn. Allow it to cook till sauce thickens and is ready to serve.


Yes! I’ve finish the whole process and is a little tedious cos I’ve started working since 630 am. Phew. Really tired now. Shall go for a nap now. Waiting for hubby to come back from his RT and we can enjoy our dinner. Will try to cook more frequently and ofcos I need to come out with different kind of dishes.


P/S : Cooking for your love ones is always very fortunate. Watching your love one enjoy your cooking is even more fortunate.


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Friday, March 19, 2010

Newly join Posterous

I've just created an account @ Posterous after seeing from Winnillicous FB.. She have been posting her blog from posterous and it seems interesting.

Have viewed Posterous and find it rather interesting. It enable us to link our post to all other websites like Facebook, Plurk and even Blogspot. Hahaha.. Well, it really capture my eyes on it and.... "Tadahhhh!!!!" I've created one account for myself..  *Wink* Now, I trying out on my posterous to see if everythings runs well..

Still trying to figure out the use of it.. So I'm gonna signing off to carry on with my stuff..


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Monday, March 15, 2010

New Layout for 2010

Yes! Finally! I've completed my new layout for my blog... Concept from my dear friend Princess Yvonne.. Hahahaha.. Opps! Later she say I copy cat. Trying to do it differently from hers.. Had spend 2 nights doing the coding. Not very good at it but just doing some copy here and there. Hope it runs well.*cross my fingers* If it does not load properly, you guys gotta let me know abt it. So I can look into it again.

Now, I have a new blog layout. My life too have come to a new plan. I've learn to take things even more easily. Can't get the things I want it now, then I shall wait patiently. I believe god will give me the chance sooner or later. Don't be bothered then I will not be so stress about it.

CNY had officially ended today. Tomorrow will be a brand lunar month. Times flies really fast. I've been in my new job for a year this end of March.. Happy so far. Who doesn't have complain? Everyone have it! Next month there will be a new colleague coming in. Can't wait to see if sparks comes in or another way round. Pray for the best ofcos. Had been on a tiring pace for the past few months. Having her around, I believe everything will run smoothly.

Talking abt tired pace. I am thinking of having a short trip during my birthday period. Thinking of going BangKok with Princess Yvonne and her BF. But that depends on how much to spend in total. Cos I've another plan coming up on November this year. To a place where I hunger for. But can't confirm the trip cos I need to see if I'm able to save up for mine and hubby expenses. If situation don't allow me to do so. Prolly, will be planning for a Genting or Batam trip.. I need a holiday badly.

Oh yah! Have anyone been to our brand new Universal Studio. Can anyone tell me how to buy the trix. How much is the trix? And ofcos, is the rides packed with long queue? Pls leave comment if you guys have any info. Can't wait for all my plans to come fast.

P/S : To wait for what you wanna and you'll get it in no time.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Saturday

Its Saturday today. Well I'm at home slacking. Had just bath Niki. Now sitting infront of the lappy, trying to start blogging frequently. Hahahaha..

Supposed to go out for a dinner appointment today. But hubby have to attend his IPPT training for 6 Saturdays.. Well, why does he have to go? Simple cos he fail his IPPT during his reservist 3 days ago.. Hahaha.. He don't go for training when he received his notice for reservist so he have to go back every Saturday for training lor.

Talking abt bathing for Niki. I've saw patches of his coat drop and reason is he is having rashes. His rashes have been on and off since a week before CNY. I've bought him to the Pet Groomers and when he came back he started to itch.. He have been on medication for the past few weeks and hope his rashes gets better abit. This poor little cutie of mine is so prone to skin irritation. Especially when the weather gets really warm. When he is in the aircon room, he will not scratch himself But when he is in the living room with us, he scratches non stop. Poor boy of mine.. Shall bring him to the vet if he does not get recovered.

Weekend pass very fast. It have already pass half a day for Saturday and very soon the day will end. And ofcos Sunday will end fast too. Work days is just another day to go.. Well, its not that I am scared of working. I'm lucky enough to have my adorable colleagues to entertain me. So at this point of time, I'm still going strong in my present office. Ofcos, I do hope I will get a promotion this year, so I have to be more stronger enough to handle any unreasonable request from the heads.

Yawnz.. Guess, I'm getting a little sleepy. Gonna hit the bed for my nap le..

P/S: Would like to greet Little Tif a Happy Birthday.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Chinese New Year

It's been some time after Chinese New Year and I know I'm a little slow in updating this blog. Chinese New Year period is a really busy time for me. Having to go Malaysia to buy my favourite cookies and my inner beauty. Then I have to shop for my new clothings, shoes and bag. Oh!! And never to forget our reunion dinner food. Me and hubby also have a habit of meeting up with the gang for jalan jalan at the River Ang Bao after our reunion dinner. Here are some photos and a video clip of the day.

The Big God of Fortune
Hubby and Royce actually waited for the God of Fortune to sprinkle the golden numbers down and ofcos they manage to gather all the numbers they wanted.. Hahahaha!! So cute of them..

That's Vincent and Geling with the kids.

Me and Hubby both in Red.. Waahaha!
2 big ang baos walking on the street of River Ang Bao!

The Kiddies. From left to right, Ryna, Natasha and Ryan

Here is the fireworks video.

Alright. Shall finish here. Will update further..