Saturday, August 25, 2012

Can't wait!! Just another 1 more week

Finally, I'm going holiday soon. Needed a long break so much. Although only a week rest, its better than nothing.

Going where again? Not any fantastic place, just simple neighbor country PENANG!! Just can't wait for Sept to arrive.

Update again then!!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Now I know I've nothing special

Realizing that I've neglected blogging since 2011. It's been near to a year. Guess, I'm too lazy or just nothing special in my life. A fast update for the past 1 year. I've a new job since last year. A new environment and new colleagues allows me to refresh and restart my working life. Sometimes, I really wish I can just not go to work & become a lady boss!!.. Fat hope.. Next life maybe. Health? Getting from bad to worst. Had an accident in Jan this year & injured my spine. Till now, still not recovered & only way out is to operate. Still considering & have yet to brace the courage to choose operation. Hmm... Basically, I now know why I haven't been blogging cos I'VE NOTHING SPECIAL..