Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yippee!! My Page Rank has....

Yippee!! My Page rank has go UP.. Page 2 now!! Ever since my previous blog have drop to 0 from 2, my whole heart have sank right to the bottom to my stomach.. *Wink*.. But now, with my 2 mths migrated blog, it hit to the 2nd page now. Although 2nd page, but I believe with my hard work, I will be able to strive 3...

Weee!! So happy.. But now I have to maintain it, making sure it don't drop to zero again... "Hei Sio Hei Sio Hei Sio! Work hard"

Taz.. Short one.. Just wanna blog out my happiness.. ;D


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Now we can be the coverpage guy/gals!

Yes!! Me, Hubby and Niki are on the coverpage of several magazine.. Check out these magazines..

Haiz, though some of the pictures pixel is not tat good.. But still on the coverpage right.. Hehehe.. Shall upload a clearer one when I reach home.. Hahaha... This is fun fun fun.. Go to MagMyPic to have your fun too... ;D

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Virus Virus go away

"Rain, rain go away, come again another day"

This is the song which we use to sing when we are young and hoping the rain will go away so we can go out play. This time round, I am singing it again. But of a different lyrics..

"Virus, Virus go away, never come back another day"

Hehehe.. Yes, I am sick again. The virus family had came to visit me again. Just not long ago, I think abt 2 mths ago, I was down with minor flu and cough virus. But this time round, I am down with heavy flu.. No cough yet.. Feeling that Mr cough will come sooner or later. This feeling sucks man... Bodyache, "nose-ache", watery eyes and block ears.. God.. When will they leave me alone? I am holding my house warming this sat wor.. KNS!

Arrgghhh... Gotta stop here now.. Need to cont'd with my office work.. Yah I am in office working now. Stupid lifestyle I have.. Yucky..!!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Stuff - Blogger's Treat

Yummy.. As like what I have told Princessa over msn just now.. It seems yummy and sounds interesting.. Let me introduce you guys on this hot stuff BLOGGER'S TREAT.

It's a "website" where it showcase bloggers' favourite eating huntings... Blogger's Treat will be official launch on 30/04/2008 and honestly, I am looking forward to the launching.. Look @ my size, you will know that I am a food lover.. I love to eat and I will definitely go hunting for nicest, best and ofcos cheapest food in town.. Infact, I do have a few eateries on hand which I would usually go. Like @ times, I would post it in my blog to share with my readers.. Princessa was asking me if I would like to contribute to cast in one of the episode. Ummmm.. I really do like to cast in one of the episode, but hor.... Me not very good in speaking wor, I can only speak in good Chinese and English Singlish.. Plus I do not have that type of camera face.. Maybe, I mean maybe, I would contribute my part as a blogger to share the nice and cheap food in town.. (I am a very helpful person de lor) *wink*

A little information to share with you guys, incase you would like to find out more on Blogger's Treat. This website is owned by Michael Cheng and he is also the camera man. Creator / producer is Aaron Koh. Episode is host by Sabrina aka Princessa. (Someone please correct me if I am wrong)The most important news to share, they are looking for bloggers to star in future episodes. If you are interested to be part of this video cast, please feel free to drop them a Facebook message. Please include your favourite food stall and its location. Their recording is usually on Saturdays.

Now let us have a little preview of the first episode (I supposed) as an appetizer.. (This episode is cast by Daphne and host by Sabrina.)

If you are a blogger, what are you still waiting for? Start your contributions NOW!! Yummy yummy.. Where's my main course? *wink*

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Just Here

Had just woke up from my nap.. HAHAH.. Yah my night nap.. Facing the papers full of figures and words are simply straining my eyes and making me damn tired..

Basically, I have nothing to blog today, but I just simply wanna write something.. Hmmm.. Let me see if there is anything for me to blog... (10 mins gone... 20 mins gone.. 30 mins...) Hmm.. Alright let's talk abt my work ba..

Finally had ask my office that stuck up manager to buy an external hard drive as he is going for a meeting somewhere near Sim Lim Square. He had bought the external hard drive which is not compatible to our office PC. Guess what, my office is still using MS 98.. Laughing your ass of the chair right? What an antique software our company is using.. Back to the topic. So I had call my lady boss to discuss regarding this issue. I have requested to upgrade the stuck up manager PC to XP so would be easier in any way and my PC to change a hard disk as it have been using for quite sometimes le.. After the discussion, she said she will order a brand new Dell PC for him (the stuck up manager) and later to change a new hard disk. Later we discuss to change our system. Using Excel to do our office stuffs, we are currently using Word Star.. Hahaha.. Another antique right.. :) For changing our format of working, we have to do it one by one.. Meaning we have to discuss it slowly and trial it out.

Alright that's for all my nonsense post... Sorry to bored you guys.. Hahaha.. Will find better things to blog tomorrow ba.. Good night.. *wink*

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Featured - Close to you

I may not be born in the 70s but I am somehow attracted to this group The Carpenters. Especially this song Close To You.

(They Long to Be) Close to You was the first composition by Burt Bacharach and Hal David the Carpenters covered. The song was released time and time again during the sixties, but didn't do well at all, until the Carpenters did a cover on it. It ultimately became Richard and Karen Carpenter's first RIAA Certified Gold Single, as well as their first Billboard Hot 100 single that reached the Top 10. It stayed at #1 for 4 weeks, and became the Carpenters' iconic song.
This music was used as a soundtrack in a Chinese film (but it's written in English). The story is about a woman, that used the music to hypnotize all of the security officer & get control of the main security.

Enjoyed the songs.. Wait for more till my updates. *Wink*



Difference between before and after marriage

There's a cute sayings for comparing a relation between man and woman before and after marriage... This is what how is goes:-

Marriage Life Before and After !!

Before marriage. Darling here.. darling there...
After marriage. Baling here... baling there..

Before marriage.I die for you. . .
After marriage. You die, up to you.
Lagi lama married.You want to die? I help you!

Before marriage.You go anywhere. . I follow you.
After marriage. .You go anywhere. . up to you .
Lagi lama married. I go anywhere, better go without you!!

Before wedding. You are my heart, you are my love
After wedding. You get on my nerves.

Before wedding. You are sweet and kind just like Cinderella
After wedding. You are worse than godzila"

Before wedding. Roses are red, violets are blue. Like it or not, I'm stuck with you
After wedding.Roses are dead, I am blue. You get on my head, I will sue you

Before wedding. Every makan he brings you to Shangri-La
After wedding. You want to go, he says you wait-la

Before wedding. She looks like Anita Sarawak
After wedding. Don't know whether katak or biawak

Seriously speaking.. I don't agree with the above.. Hmm my hubby is still so nice to me right at this point after 3 years of marriage.. But who knows what will happen down the road?

What about yours?

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What can you see in the picture? WARNING (NSFW)

I have received an email from my friend on a picture. I scroll down and take a look... OMGGGGGG!!!! so "humm sap" lor... Initially I didn't noticed it until i clearly look into it and saw it..

Hahaha.. So which one did you see first? Doraemon or the thingy...

P/S : Hey Pingsters.. Pong me if you find it interesting wor.. kekeke..

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Random.. Pictures uploaded

Finally the pictures are up..

My new house feature wor.. Chio right

Pool table act as dinning table too.. (Abit messy) Haven't clear up when taking photo

Corridor area leading to bedrooms

My living room.. Damn messy with all the wiring.. Hubby lying there with Niki..

Niki "nuahing" in the sofa


Went to Guan Ming San to pray Daddy & my mother-in-law on Qing Ming Festival

That's my mum on the left of hubby.. The one with black top and specs.

Our offering to Daddy and mother-in-law

Surroundings are all offerings

The burner.. So "Flamey"

Sneak shoot..

See how sleepy he is..

Hahah.. Wake up by me and he is angry

Alright, that's for all dudes.. Shall update more photos after the house warming.. This time my house will be neat and tidy...

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Monday, April 21, 2008


Yesterday went to Changi Airport Terminal 3 for our dinner with Hubby, Karen, Royce, Vincent, Geling & Natasha.. (Sorry no photographs taken)We went to have our dinner @ Popeyes Chicken And Biscuits’ . Although I am working as a part time manager in KFC, I still love to eat fried stuffs. Be it KFC's chicken, DO & Me's chicken or Popeyes'S chicken, I will never give it a miss for FRIED CHICKEN. I am a loser to fried stuffs.. Tell me, who don't like fried stuffs...!!

(Photos obtain from Yebby Lucadia)

As usual, the restaurant is packed with all sorts of people and we managed to find a place to accommodate the 6 of us with a child. Whenever I visited Popeye, I will make sure I'll make the following orders. Their Hot and spicy chicken, Cajun whipped potato, Coleslaw and the best of all Cajun fries. So hubby help me ordered a 3 pc meal which is supposed to come with 2 sides. And usually hubby will order additional fries for me. But when he came back with the order, I was like.. "Hmmm where the hell is my fries??!! Have u forgotten about it?".. "Out of stock wor" he said... Faintz.. My favourite stuff was not available.. Sob Sob..Guess have to come back another day for the food again..

(Photos obtain from Yebby Feizhu)
Top left : Fries - tasted like curly fries in A&W but not as good as A&W.. For the fries you need to take it while its pipping hot.. If not, it will taste dry and tasteless.. 2 thumbs up!
Top right : Whipped potato - Creamy, but abit salty. One thing I like is that there is always small chunks in the potato.. Thumbs up!
Bottom left : Coleslaw - Yummy, I fall in love with their coleslaw, it's so tangy and chunky.. Abit sour and abit sweet.. Hard to describe my taste to it.. Thumbs up!

(Photos obtain from Yebby Feizhu)
Left : Biscuit - Lots of people said that it's nice to eat but to me... Duh.. I don't really like it. It's rather dry and tastless.. As if I was eating plain bread.. Bleah.. Thumbs down..
Right : Chicken - They have both crispy and original like KFC.. Hmmm If you ask me to compare the chicken, errr... The chicken for Popeye is crispy and not so oily. But it is dry if you took the ribs part as compare to KFC. KFC chicken will be more tender and not so dry.. Overall, Popeye chicken, thumbs up!

Do pop by Popeye Chicken And Biscuit if you happen to be around Changi Airport Terminal 3. The restaurant is located @ B1..

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I need IT badly!

Yes!! And I mean it.. It need it badly.. Really badly.. *Smirk*.. Hey! What are you thinking? Not get the wrong idea. I mean KTV.. Hehehe..

Have been really busy for the past few months and I have not been posting pictures. (all thanks to the time consume for uploading the pics.) Not to say relaxing myself. I think I really need to relax myself. Giving myself a holiday treat? (which I don't think so. I am really broke now.) Or I think I should treat myself and hubby to a KTV session. It's a cheaper way.. Hmmm probably, I wanna go this weekend ba...

I am saving up for my Korea trip this Novemeber.. But I hope to go for a simple holiday to Batam or Genting before the Korea trip.. FAT HOPE!! How can to have holiday, if I am in heavy debt.. BUT but but, I really wanna a short trip.. Anyone willing to sponsor me and hubby for the short trip? Or anyway to earn fast money (but it must be clean money and not betraying anyone including myself wor).

GOD! Pls "bo bi" my hubby "tio bay pio" soon.. And big one I mean pls...pls.. ;)

Tataz.. Gonna sleep liao... so tired le after clearing my stuffs.. ZZZZZZZ myspace graphic comments

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Feature Video - Funny (N16)

Don't fall off your chair.. Although this is no longer new video.. But still find it funny and worth to post.. Reason.. Easy, cos everytime I see this video, I laugh off my chair..

Here is it..

You may find it not funny or think this video is nonsense if you don't understand the words they say or if you are a moody person.. But afterall, it's just a post of my featured video.. Keep look out for more... ;)


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Endless Love

This few days, the radio station Y.E.S 933 have been playing this song. It refreshes my memory of the show. Nice show! 4 thumbs up upon 5..

Here's the video clip for the MTV..


Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Show Time

I wanna watch! I wanna watch this show.. Cos my favourites cast are in for action again... Yipppeee.. Have been waiting for their show recently and tada~~~Forbidden Kingdom

Anyone.. Anyone wanna watch with me and Hubby.. This show seems lame but no harm watching cos got Jackie Chan & Jet Li wor.. The 2 Js are gonna rock the cinema with the action packs... *Wink*

Release Date : 18th April 2008
Language : English
Running Time : 105 mins
Rating : PG
Genre : Action
Collin Chou, Yifei Liu, Jackie Chan, Michael Angarano, Jet Li[full cast]
Directed by : Rob Minkoff
Local Distributor : Columbia Tristar Films

Movie Plot :
An American teenager obsessed with martial arts makes an exciting discovery in a pawnshop in Chinatown. It appears to be the legendary stick weapon of the Monkey King, the infamous Chinese sage and warrior. He is transported back into time to Ancient China where he meets a band of martial arts warriors and joins them on their journey to save an imprisoned Monkey King (Jet Li).

Hmmm... Hope I'll get a chance to watch it.. Have been missing shows since our new house came.. Now we are so-called settled down. I really hope I have the chance to watch. "HUBBY.. You gonna bring me for "pat tor" de hor?"


Random myspace graphic comments

Realised that I haven't been loading photos recently. I had taken a few photos with my N95 and are still in the phone.. I am too lazy to load photos but guess will do in maybe by tonite.. (Hope So)..

Finally my house warming date is set. 3rd May is the day. With buffet lunch/dinner of 80 pax, hubby and me were still thinking if is enough for all my guest.. hmm.. Maybe shall get some spare food to standby..

Have been very tired recently. Can't sleep really well @ night for no reason too.. And I am really really really exhuasted.. Guess my engery have dried up, and this means, I need another holiday.. I seriously need another holiday.. Too tired.. Batam or Genting as a very short trip? Will see after house warming.

Hmm.. Guess have to stop here.. Boss is here liao and it's time for me to bury myself into the work..


Photos shall be update real soon.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Emil Chau - 朋友

What are best friends for?

Yesterday, one of my staff ask me a question. "What are best friend for?" (You know who u if you are reading my blog..) :) myspace graphic comments

And today, after a little chat over the phone with hubby, I finally know what are best friends or should I say real friends are for. This conversation knocks and awakes my head... I feel bad and I know hubby feel bad too... This is what actually happen earlier between hubby and his so-called best friend Mr V.. Mr V called up this morning asking hubby to help him buy 4D as he is now @ Malaysia. Without second words, hubby ask him to sms over the nos. so he can help Mr V to buy. Then later in the afternoon, hubby called up Mr V (although he is @ Malaysia and hubby have to pay for the oversea call charges.) to inform Mr V that a few of the nos. didn't managed to enter in. Then Mr V told hubby...

Mr V : "Ooi.. Yesterday I lose RM$5000 lei.. Then I ask Ms K to transfer me SGD$1000. Then hor I win back the RM$5000 and also win another $13,000."

Hubby : "Wah... So much ar.. Like that can treat us for dinner liao lor.."

Mr V : "Treat kee lan ar! Don't have lah! Oh don't tell my wife hor..."
Hubby : "Orh........." (-_- ")

See lah.. This type of friends also have... When hubby strike 4D for about $10K, he ask hubby to treat and again without second words, hubby brought them to a hotel restaurant to eat. Now, he win so much money and this is what he say to hubby... (Although it has got nothing to do with me, but I am feeling lousy, pissed off, mad.. How can he treat my hubby like an idiot?)

Before this issue, they had another conversation. And when hubby told me this, deep in my heart I have already decided. I will never treat Mr and Mrs V as one of my best friends, or even close friends, They shall only remain as common and I mean very common friends in my heart.

Mr V : " Come lei, go cruise with us lah.. Arbo boring lor.. Cannot play cards."

Hubby : "No lah.. No money liao.. Dry up after moving new house."

Mr V : "Come lah.. You guys can find way de.."
(On the day of moving house, they have already asked once and we told them we are really broke.
And both of them says they will borrow us the money to go, when we come back then return them.)

Hubby : "No lah.. Serious no money lah.. Still need to go Korea this December"
(Hubby was trying out if he says the same thing anot.) But but......!!!!!!.......

Mr V : "The 2 of you don't go also good lor. At least we can save money.. Cos 4 in 1 room rather then 3 in 1
room.. Like that can save up to $100 over lor.."
(Faint... This is from his fuking mouth.. This last sentence really pissed me off..)

Hubby : "Okie lor, then we are not going anymore.. SO YOU GUYS CAN SAVED!"

I really can't believe that the words did came out from his freaking mouth.. This is way tooo much.... From now on, I seriously needs to think if we are going Korea with them.. But come to think, Ms K and Mr R is going for the Korea trip too lei.. They are my BEST FRIEND and they will always BE..

Answer to the question above :

  1. A best /real friend should be one who is willing to share woes and happiness with you.
  2. A best/real friend will always be at your side whenever you need them.
  3. A best/real friend will never look down on you when you are in deep shit.
  4. A best/real friend will be your listener or adviser.
  5. A best/real friend will lend you their shoulder to cry.
  6. A best/real friend will never ever laugh at you if you are a dumb. myspace graphic comments

This is what I call best friends are for.. I need to thank the following people as they are my best friends who won't hurt me and bring me happiness.

  • Esther (Friends since Primary 4)
  • Justin (Friends since Sec 2)
  • Yvonne (Friends since ITE Colleage)
  • Karen (Friends since age 13)
  • Royce (Friends since age 14)

Thanks guys for being my best friends. Thanks for not hurting me. Thanks for lending me your helping hand or listening ear whenever I need it.. Thanks for your everything. Hope you guys will remain in my heart position. And ofcos, I do have other friends which are close too.. Hope we will be friends forever wor.. myspace graphic comments

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Its more lively than ever..

Today, mum have cooked dinner for us.. We went back home with Niki to let mum see Niki and on the other hand, its cos Niki seems missing my bro and mum.. Who knows when we reach home, no one is at home. We stayed till 10 plus and finally mum came back.

My thoughts strike me. "Mummy, why not you guys step over at our side, so Niki won't be missing you guys and will not be so moody." She considered awhile and says "No lah, so mah (2) fan (2).. (troublesom). Need to move all the matteress and pillows and bolester.." I keep pestering her and she finally agreed.

We reach home with all the matteress, pillows and bolester. After settling down, Niki seems in a better mood with them around.. Haha.. Probably Niki is really missing them. Right now, my mum is sleeping in the room and my bro is in the mahjong room playing his Viwawa.. hmmm... I miss this feeling, a lively feeling.. Thou only for 1 week, I can feel the diff.. Don't you guys agree, a home with people around is really a home..

Alright, that's for all today, need to go sleep already.. Still need to go work tomorrow.. myspace graphic comments

Friday, April 11, 2008

easySafe - Your unique key to security

Still remember Edision's scandal photos case. His mistakes is that he thought he had all the sensitives datas deleted or lock up. But he never expect that all these datas are actually retrieved by specialist when he send in his lappy for repair. No matter how sure you are that your data is really safe, it will always never be safe without Easysafe.

FAST easySafe is the only hardware cryptography product available in the market with unique features. It protects all sensitive information in your computer, external hard disk, USB flash drive, SD card and etc.

Although the design is compliant to FIPS 140-2 standard with PKI technology, FAST easySafe, as its name implies, is rather easy to deploy and use as compared to other sophiscated security products that require dedicated IT specialists for deployment and maintenance.
Fast And Safe Technology Pte Ltd (FAST)

FAST easySafe can be purchased at the following locations:-
*E2000 shop at Funan #05-02.
*Tec-Drome Technology at Sim Lim Square #05-78 and #06-74.
*IMM Challenger L2-49.

Be safe then be sorry. I bet no ones wanna be Edision no. 2. So if interested pls drop by the shops and get one.. Hmm.. Wondering if there is FOC for me? kekeke... =)

Ads by

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

DO NOT ORDER Mini Lobsters!!

Recently have been busy with moving house and finally its all done. Left with one more box to unpack. Basically everything has already settled. Not an easy job.. It's really tiring lor.. Still remember on Saturday (the day where we are moving), I had stand for almost 9 - 10 hours and it resulted that my heel to suffer severe pain and caused me unable to walk. Hope to unpack and clean up the house and hold the house warming real soon. That's the only time I can take a good rest.

Niki seems bothered staying in new house. He is lethargic, all he do is sleep and sleep and sleep the whole day. Hope he get himself stable down too.. I am pretty sure that he is so not used to the new house. GOD! Pls bless Niki with good health.

Back to the topic of the mini lobster। I have recently received an email from one of my friend where it says "Do not order mini lobster in China". In curiousity, I opened up the email॥ Oh gross, I don't dare to order any mini lobster anymore.. Gosh!! Not even in Singapore.. Now, let's see what's the email about..
Do not eat these spicy mini lobsters in / from China !!!These mini crustaceans are literally the garbage cleaners in thesewage treatment plants। The 'dirtier' the water, the fatter thesemini lobsters become।Their lungs are full of worms (see pic below) and their fleshsaturated with poisonous metals।Unscrupulous merchants somehow found a way to get these marketed toeateries. Do not order this dish.From the desk of Dr Adrian Tan MBBS ( Singapore ),GradDipOccMed ( Singapore ), DFD
(It's up to you to believe or not.. It's for reference purpose only.)

Seems delicious but not.. Hmm.. I doubt I would take these type of lobster anymore... What about you? =)

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A new Online Shop

When I log into my friendster this morning, I noticed a friend request from "fashionhelpdesk". Was wondering who is it, I therefore accept the request and went to take a peep at the profile. Then there is another link from the profile. Ofcos being a KPO like me, I went in to check it out..

It was a newly open online fashion shop. And I really mean newly open cos the items sold are not much, so bear with it and starting rolling in to chose your favourite clothing ba.. *Wink* After some checking and confirming with one of my girlfriend Strawberry, I knew who the owner of this online shop is.. And its the same as my guess. It was ------, a secret to you guys.. Remember.. If you need to replace your wardrobe with a few new clothing, go fashionhelpdesk to see if anything suits you!

Photos extract from fashionhelpdesk.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Comiqs

I was browsing my blog and came to Princessa's Blog.. And I read a post which interest me alot.. Creat your own comic. Yeah! Sounds great.. Call me a copy cat or a bloody idiot follower, I just like to do whatever I love to do.. Hahaa.. And ofcos, I created a comic on myself base on me and hubby as the subject..

Take a look and rate me ba.. ;)

Redang Island from berlin on Comiqs

Enjoy it? A short one thou.. But shall start doing one with Niki as the subject.. *Wink*


Siam Kitchen With Hubby

Went to Siam kitchen with hubby before we head to our new house to wait for our electrical appliance as per mentioned before.. Now let the photos do the talking.

Siam Kitchen @ Hougang Mall

Menu of Siam Kitchen.. Yah.. All you can eat..
Our plates are empty now.. Later you will know..
Hubby and his karopok
Now me and my karopok
First round of order
Nearer shot..
Now u see it.. Now u don't.. This is 3rd round.

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