Saturday, March 21, 2009





She better get the fuck out of my mind.. Otherwise I let the spark off at her.. Trying to surpass the temper..


Friday, March 20, 2009

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feelings Today

Feeling Tired.
Feeling Lost.
Feeling Stress up.
Feeling Fustrated.
Feeling really down.

I could not feel my soul with me, I could not feel my heart beating. I wonder where have they gone to. It's been tired for me to see, feel or listen. I just wanted to do nothing and relax. I need to have my beauty sleep. I need to recover my insomnia. Having another 1 1/2 more weeks to go and endure. I'm looking forward for my 4 days trip to Genting. I can pamper myself from food and shopping.

所以如果可以的话, 请抛开烦恼, 活得自在, 活得开心。

Hope everyone can throw away all the unhappiness and stay happy always. I am looking forward to my new life change ahead. Do bless me and wish me luck.

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Just for a laugh - What a woman wants!

I've received an email from my friend Michelle in my hotmail. She sent me the email with the subject - What a woman wants! After reading it, I find it funny and thought of sharing it with my friends (especially male friends who wants to know woman well)

Have a good laugh? At least I'm having a good one. So I believe all men should know what kinda creature a woman is.. Having to know your woman well helps you to handle situation easier. To pamper and endure a woman will be easier too if you know your woman well.. Alright.. That's for all.. Attention all MEN! Pls go and understand your woman NOW!... ;)

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Korean Day 7

Yes.. This is the last post for my Korea trip.. Finally, I've finish the post.. Hahahah..

7th Day - View from our last hotel in Korea

High Rise Bldg in the City

7th Day - 1st Int (1998 Olympics Stadium)

Our breakfast in a cruise

7th Day - 2nd day Int (Filming Site Taewang Sahin Gi)

Entrance of film site

One of the old house of the filming site

Props used in the film

Props in film

Houses build for the film

Group photo

Hubby & me

Trying to push the cart

Hubby & me fighting with the props

Scenery of Film site

Centre stage of film site

Another view of film site

Hubby @ the gate of the film site

Me @ the gate of film site

Me @ the center stage

Film Site

3 main characters of the film

Me & 3 main leads

Hubby & 3 main leads

Hubby on the hard ride horse

Me on the hard ride horse

Another pose on the horse

Jun (our camera man) & our tour group

Shawn (our Tour guide), Jun and us

Our last meal in Korea (Incheon Airport) Flying back to Singapore soon

Now you see it.. Now you don't.

Yeah! Finally finish.. More to come for my Genting trip this month end.. Hang on ya!

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Korea Day 6

Hohoho.. I've been dragging my next post for Korea again.. Guess should be finished by today ba.. (I really hope so) Don't wanna talk to much. Let the photos show it..

6th Day - 1st Int (Cheong Wa Dae - Seoul)

Representative Phoenix of Cheong Wa Dae

Tour Group photo

Exchanging Gift from Singapore to Korea President

Within the Exchange Gift Section (Be informed that we are not supposed to take photos But we did it unknowingly.)

Hubby & me

6th Day Lunch - Pork Rib Soup

Yummy Pork Rib Soup

6th Day - 2nd Int (Skin Care Lesson) The Face Shop

6th Day - 3rd Int (Namsangel Hanok Village)

View Of Namsangel Hanok Village

Traditional Kitchen of Namsangel Hanok Village

Me @ Namsangel Hanok Village

The Orn for Soy sauce

Traditional Fridge

Living Room of Traditional House

Hubby & Royce in front of the house

Bedroom of Traditional House

Leaving the House.. hahahaha

Traditional Wedding wear of Korea

Entrance of the Village

Tour group playing Korea childhood game

Chitchatting.. Hahahaha

My new Addias Bag

Night View of Namsangel Hanok Village

6th Day - 4th Int (Myeong Dong Fashion St)

Shopping Street of Myeong Dong Fashion St

More shops

Gathering in Myeong Dong Fashion St

S$1.20 High Ice Cream.. You definitely can't find this in Singapore

Shinsege Shopping Bldg

Central of Myeong Dong Shopping St

Hubby & Me

Another KFC in Seoul.. Hahaha.. Look at how loyal we are to KFC.

Another 1 more day for my Korea trip..

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