Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fuming Hot!

This post is supposed to be posted yesterday. All thanks to blogger was down in the late morning yesterday. Whatever I have type had gone down to drain. Now I have to restart the whole post again. Lately, the weather here is killing. One moment as hot as dessert, the next moment raining cats & dogs. Ofcos when the weather is warm, we depend on one invention called Air-cond. We expect the air-cond to supply us with cool air to chill us down. But what if your air-cond is not functioning at such a god damn warm day.

Yup yup.. Mine air-cond is giving me problem now. Both my guest rooms air-cond are not working @ all. The air the air-cond releases is hot air.. So imagine the room is already so warm plus the air-cond releasing warm air out? *Faint*... I had already complain once to F--I--U (shall not disclose the brand name yet. If they fail to fulfilled my needs, I shall write in to Stomper and New Paper or even to CASE.) regarding my air-cond is not functioning. So they arranged their own technician to come over to check and said that the installer (their sub-contractor) had forgotten to fill up the gas. Then 2 weeks later, the god damn aircon is down again & I called them the 2nd time. This time round, they send the sub-contractor down to check and found out that one of the pipe was not tied properly. Then again after 2 weeks, it give the same problem. And once again I called them (this time round not in a very polite way). I told them, if they are not going to do anything, I am going to settle it by myself and I shall send them all the invoices and ofcos I will send a complaint to CASE to get my justice back. You may think that I am a nerd for blowing up the matter. But can you imagine, the paint of my bedrooms are all ruin and all thanks to their nonsense. I had it repaint back and the problem came back and I had to repaint again. IT'S REALLY HOPPING MAD!!!!! This time, both F--I--U technician and the sub-contractor came down. And they detected the so-called "Thermister" is not working. And the technician had it change on the spot. GUESS WHAT! It's still not working for goodness sake.. End of the day, the technician told me that he had to revert back to his engineer and see what can they do to it..

Till now, I am still patiently waiting for their call.. But I think my patient is running to the max.. Thinking I will blow up sooner or later.. I am going to give them till end of today and if they are not going to settle it. I will take up this issue myself... Wondering how can they advertise until so "Song".. Advertisement are not true de... This is what I found out... Believe me or not, up to you...

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guys! You did us proud!

On the 18 & 19 June was the grand final for our KFC yearly National Champs Challenge. The whole competition is all about the serving of customer, the preparation of the food and not to be miss is the cooking of the main lead - CHICKEN!

This year the team from our store is mostly trained by Victor & Sherard. (Too bad Victor wasn't with us to see them play. He was in Tekong @ that time.. hehe) The coach for the team was Sze Mei. In the beginning, I was not very confident with this team formed. The players are either too arrogant, if not too easy to get mental block. And the worst part is, they can't seems to get together. In this competition, the most importantly needed is the TEAM WORK.. But seems that they are lacking of it together with the coach too. But things turn out to be a surprise to all of us.

On the 18th, I did not go and see their 1st play off. I need to work and unable to take leave on that day. But I promise to send them there for the next day play and thats why I was on leave on that day. Heard from lots of mouths from others and the players themselves, in short the play was SUCKS! But on the 19th, everything in them seems to came back to life. They played much more better than the previous day. After the whole play, I didn't really praised them but still yank at them for being too over confident and if no good result is being delivered, don't cry cos they deserved it.

When the result was announce on the later part of the night, our team did not managed to defend for our champion but we did have a few individuals award. Leo got a best cook awards out of 40 players and Rina got a best cashier awards out of 40 players too. Then 3 of our players are selected to represent Singapore in our next year Regional Challenge held in Bali. Yes! To compete with other country. Although we didn't managed to defend the champion as expected, but we still maintain our standard by having players being send out of country to play. Its more then enough. I am really proud of them. I am really happy.

Guys! You did us proud! Don't worry if we didn't managed to defend the champion this year. There is next year for us to grab it. Only we need to be extra hard working to take the champion back from them next year.. CHEERS!!!

Alright let the photos say our pass and now.

Our new KFC logo

Our last year team. (From left - Jerold, Shun Lai, Yuxiang, Rina & Leo. Center - Royce)

Photo too old liao.. Cos it was taken about 7 years back.. The very first champion team develope in TP. Then the defend carry on. (From left - Me, Seren, Jean, Poh Seng & Chee Wah)

The 2nd team form in the same year (from left - Karen, Devi, Kitty, Jean, Jega, Adrian (if I can still remember), Hubby, Jalaini & Jixiang.

Alright, that's all for now.. Shall try to upload the cheer video for you guys to see and ofcos if possible the CHAMPS CHALLENGE video.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What are you looking for in love?

I was reading one of my friend Kellyn aka Wanyi's blog and came across this particular post . I find it interesting and therefore had copied the information from her blog and paste it in my blog. I myself find it rather accurate and it helps me to know more about myself, especially when I am in a confusion stage.

Hope you find the finding results are accurate and are helping you to know your love concept more. How do you look at love? Below are some scenarios that attempt to explain your outlook on love.

1.The end of the world is coming, if you can save only one kind of animal,which one will you pick?
a. Rabbit
b. Sheep
c. Deer
d. Horse

2.If you had to be an animal which one would you choose?
a. Dog
b. Cat
c. Horse
d. Snake

3.If you have the power to make one species disappear forever, which one will that be?
a. Lion
b. Snake
c. Crocodile
d. Shark

4.If one of the following animals could speak which would you prefer it to be?
a. Sheep
b. Horse
c. Rabbit
d. Bird

5.On an isolated island you can only have one of the following as your companion, which one would you choose?
a. Human
b. Pig
c. Cow
d. Bird

6.If you had the ability to tame all animals, which would you prefer as a pet?
a. Dinosaur
b. White tiger
c. Polar bear
d. Leopard

7.If you could be an animal for 5 minutes which of the following would you prefer to be?
a. Lion
b. Cat
c. Horse
d. Pigeon

1.Your choice represents the personality of the person you would be attracted to in real life situation.
a. Rabbit - Cold as ice on the outside, but warm inside.
b. Sheep - Obedient and warm.
c. Deer - Elegant and well-mannered.
d. Horse - Unbridled, free-spirited and free

2.Your choice represents the impression that you would like to give to your partner.
a. Dog - Loyal and faithful.
b. Cat - Stylish
c. Horse - Optimistic
d. Snake - Flexible

3.Your choice represents the behavior that would cause you to break up with your partner.
a. Lion - Your partner's arrogance and authoritative behavior.
b. Snake - Your partner is too emotional and moody and you don't know how to please him/her.
c. Crocodile - Your partner's ruthlessness.
d. Shark - Your partner's insecurity.

4.Your choice represents the kind of relationship that you would like to build with your partner.
a. Sheep - You both know what the other person is thinking without saying a word.
b. Horse - Both of you should be able to talk about everything and anything with no secrets kept.
c. Rabbit - A relationship that makes you feel warm and always in love.
d. Bird - A long-lasting relationship.

5.Your choice shows whether you are capable of committing adultery
a. Human - Probably not.
b. Pig - You can't resist desire and lust so you are likely to commit adultery.
c. Cow - You are tolerant and you will try very hard not to do it.
d. Bird - You don't like to make commitments and are likely to commit adultery.

6.Your choice represents your views about marriage.
a. Dinosaur - You are quite pessimistic and you don't think happy marriages exist anymore nowadays.
b. White tiger - You think marriage is something precious, once you get married, you'll treasure it and your partner very much.
c. Polar bear - You are afraid of marriage, you think it would take away your freedom.
d. Leopard - You always wanted to get married, but in fact, you don't know what it's all about.

7.Your choice represents your views about love at this present moment.
a. Lion - You always thirst for love, you can do anything for it, but you won't fall for it easily.
b. Cat - You are quite self-centered; you think of love as something you can get and trash anytime you want.
c. Horse - You don't want to be tied by a steady relationship, you just want to flirt.
d. Pigeon - You think of love as a commitment for both parties.

So how do you look at love now after taking the test above. Knowing more on what you wanna in love or just confuse again...

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

P.M.S - I hate it!

Out of a sudden, I am feeling very very very very utterly down.. Asking me for a reason? I can't give you. I do not really know what happen too. Everything just came rushing into my heart causing it to hurt with near breaking feeling. Yup yup, talking nonsense again. I need to vent it out before I vent it out on someone else.

Don't know why, I feel kinda an extra in anything I do. Things like is non of my business, I wanna go interrupt for what I think is for their good sake but cleanly forgotten how the others feel. Issue like I shouldn't be around at that place and I am there without invitation. Lost! Its the only word that I am using it to describe my heart and brain now. Idiotic! The only word to describe myself. Hoping there will be someone who can help me bring out the stupid thorn in my heart.. Even hubby won't be able to do it cos he don't see anything wrong with me. But its okay, as long as he is happy is good enough. One person suffer and always better than 2 person suffer.

Messy feelings and thoughts are swirling around and I am really feeling sick. Things can't go in the way I wanna it to be. WHY IS IT ALWAYS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!!!.... Putting an act infront of others is really tiring. Can I put it down without getting hurt?

Fan ahhhhh... Fan ahhhhh... FAN AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Can't Bring myself to Nominate

It's the 2nd year blog awards for . Lots of the bloggers are either nominating their own blog or their favourite blogs for the following 12 awards.

1) Most Entertaining Blog
2) Most Interactive Blog
3) Most Insightful Blog
4) Best Photoblog
5) Best Audio/Video Podcast
6) Most Controversial Post
7) Most Dramatic Post
8) Most Entertaining Post
9) Most Insightful Post
10) Best Citizen Journalism Post
11) Best Review Post
12) Best Photo Post

As for myself, I can't find my blog suitable in either of the awards. Still here pondering which category should I nominate or should I give a miss of it and sit aside to watch better bloggers getting their awards.

Have you already nominate your blog in the event? If not, what are you waiting for if you find yourself falls into any of the category? Go nominate now. (Click the following button to start the ball rolling). Please take note, its closing for nomination soon on 16 June 2008.

Anyone gonna nominate in any of the above category? Or perhaps anyone can advise me what category should I nominate myself after reading my blog? *Rolling eyes* Fat hope ya! Soon, 2nd aniversary is coming. Wondering where will we be celebrating it this year. I've missed the previous one and hoping nothing bad will crops up this year so I can join in the fun!

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My First Ping Outing @ Hai Bin Enterprise

I know I am too slow in my posting.. Was rather busy over the weekends and only now I have the time to write this post. Shhhh... I am doing it illegally. (In office).. Went for the 1st ping outing @ Hai Bin Enterprise.. Hmm.. It's actually located @ Bishan Park (603 Sin Ming Avenue. Tel : (65) 6554-1986) and it's a place where we can prawn fishing. The name of the place seriously doesn't sound like one.

When I first step into the place, I was rather lost. The place was rather packed and I don't now who actually are the pingster and the best part is, I actually forgotten to take down Krisandro phone no.. What a smart ass I am! Ofcos, hubby started to grumble. Why there is such a big sotong on earth? *Hehehe* Then I started to walk around the place try looking for familiar faces. Hoping to see Kitty aka Daphne. I remembered her face cos she was a guest host in Blogger's Treats. Then I saw Claudia (I can remember her too. I saw her photos in the her blog.) waving at me.. (I supposed @ that time she is waving @ me).. Then I walked towards them and stand at a corner with hubby not around (He went to see hot babe and hunks prawning.. In fact all are bengs and lians.) I was shy de wor.. I didn't walk up to them and I supposed they don't know I am Berlin.. *wahaha* Until, Daphne came and approached me asking if I am Berlin... Yeah!! Bingo!! Finally I was spotted.. *Hehehe*... I was being introduced to Wendy and her boyfriend, they were the only people around as the rest went to rent the rod. *Ahem* Abit too long on this start off.. Let's go furthermore.

Pingsters who attended this outing are adber, chaozdingo, claudia, arzhou, daphne, keith & wendy, Krisandro, KKNN, Shotgun & Abang, me & hubby. Wendy caught the first prawn among us..

(Photos extracted from Claudia) Thanks ger and sorry for not having ur permission.

Then later was Daphne the 2nd running in with her prawn and its her last one cos she feel bad for the prawns.. *Scratching head*

(Photos extracted from Claudia)

Then the hero came to help the gers out...

(Photos extract from Claudia)

Then subsquently was me.. Hehe.. Didn't managed to take any photos. Hands too busy with the rod and hubby's hands too busy with PSP..

After the prawning the pingsters had their catch BBQ and grobble into the stomach.. Me? Hmmm.. After the prawning, I needed to head back home early as my father-in-law is coming over to stay overnight and we are preparing to celebrate Father's Day.. The prawns I catch? Ahaha.. My hubby had it tabao home for my father-in-law.. Hmm.. Feeling rather bad for not sharing my catch.. That explains why I missed out the group photos..

(Photos extract from Claudia)

(Photos extracted from Claudia) Me & Claudia.

Its was a fun filled night and I am hook to prawning.. The next time, I shall visit Pasir Ris for a better prawning place. The one we go is too crowded and that's probably the reason on the low CR. Oh Yah! Another thing is, I need to thank Krisandro for his prawn.. Hehehe.. He had actually caught one and left it in my net. Hubby actually tot it was caught by me and brought it home.. Hehehe...

Looking forward for another ping outing. Hoping this time round, I will be more comfortable.. Hmmm.. Actually hor, I am not that shy de lei.. What on earth is happening to me lei? Suddenly so shy de... Sorry guys and gals if I am a little too cold and odd one out.. Pls bear with me wor.. I need time to warm up.. Hahahaha..

That's all folks.. Tataz..

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Tired + Sleepy = Lazy Pig

Ever since I moved into my new house, I haven't been resting enough. From housewarming, to my birthday celebration, to mother's day celebration, to hubby's family members gathering, I have been waking up early and sleep late.. Since last week, I have starting to go down to Thomson to attend the NCC training. (Part time job). It means I have to wake up early again. Ofcos I have to wake up the same time again this Sunday wor.

Feeling my brain, hands, leg and eyes are not function properly. My brain can't help me think properly, my hands and legs are wobbly, and my eye lid keep shutting down automatically. Basically, I can't move anymore. I think my energy within my body is draining soon. And I mean real soon. I need a rest to regain my positive energy.. Rest without anyone asking me to do anything, rest with sleeping like dead log for the whole day. I need a holiday. Places besides the beach is definitely a good idea. Probably, I should check into a resort or chalet along the beach and take a day or two day break.. *Dreaming lying on the sand in a beach taking a nap* (Btw any sponsor for my holiday.) Looking forward to my Korea trip this year end. Hope nothing is gonna happen to ruin my long waited holiday.. *Pray*

Hmm.. NCC final is coming next week. Took a day leave to support our team @ Big Splash. Hope this year those little babies will do us proud. Grabbing the gold medal again. Flipping back the memories, it had been years since I last join NCC. Being the champion is always the tradition in Thomson KFC. We are so called the best of the best. People from other stores are scared of us when they know that we are joining in the NCC. And ofcos they will use unscrupulous ways to nail us down. Without knowing, we are the common enemy to other stores around in Singapore. Hmmm.. That's what we call the "eagles" in Thomson.

"Guys.. I know you all read my blog. Hope you will get the champion back and let the tradition runs without stopping and it shouldn't stop @ your hands."

Enough of all the pressuring words. Shall stop from here and get back to work.. Damn sleepy. I can't work. I'm a LAZY PIG... Going back into my dreams liao..

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

New face lift blog

Yeah!!! Finally, I have finish changing my blog's look... Having the "Toons Ville" blog skin for the past 3 mths and I am getting a little bored with the layout.. So I decided to check out Blogskin for new skin.

To decide which skin to use for Blogger's blog is rather difficult in Blogskin. They have lots of blogskin contributions from the netizens. Narrowing down one by one, I finally came down with a decision. Using Princessa's work again. Reason I choose her work is simple, cos her blogskin comes with a comment section whereby most netizens' work does not come with it.

Hmmm.. I am rather happy with my new blog look.. What do you think? Doesn't suit me? Hahaha.. For you to comment then..

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Featured Music Video

Was at home watching the dvd for SHE Play Album. One of the music video in the dvd catches my eyes. And this is the one. Looks similiar like the one Jacky Chan sang with the Korean singer "The Myth". Enjoy it..


I Promise!! I really will...

Alright.. I'm thinking I'm damn farking lazy recently. I have been "nuahing" around with my PSP on hand. It use to be "nuahing" around with my lappy on hand.. I think it's time for me to swap from PSP to my lappy.. Meaning more blogging and less gaming.

Have read Princessa's blog this morning and came across a post on Xiaxue's blog. Saying how she started blogging, how the blog's readership from 2,000 to 25,000 a day.. At this point of time after I read the post, I was thinking, how to increase my blog readership (hoping to be Xiaxue no. 2. Although, I know I forever won't have the chance. Reason? Simple, Ang Moh not as "fli flac" as hers..)? How to make my blog juicer? Should I follow Xiaxue's style with a little pinch of Princessa's style blend with Sparklette's style and mix well with Mr Brown's style? Nah! Definitely not.. If I really mix and blend all into one, its equal to junk.. Yup, I mean JUNK!! Not saying their styles are all junks but I need to have my own style isn't it.. I jolly well knows that I will never be Xiaxue no. 2 but I will at least try to blog everyday, if not otherwise at least 3 times a week..

Enough of my being no. 2. Now must let me write something else.. Not feeling very well recently (be it mentally or physically).. My heart seems to be a little not ease since my father-in-law came last week.. It seems like there is an imaginary line to divide me and hubby apart. At times, I do think if I am overboard, by telling hubby his dad should not do this and should not do that. But, its my new house wor, have follow my law mah.. I have to maintain the house cleanliness de mah... Imagine, smoking in the house with the ash dropping around. Imagine, urinate stains found on the toilet seat.. Imagine, after meal, the rice gain around the table and some even on the floor.. Com'on.. Me not going to clear all these shits.. That's why have to keep reminding hubby.. Then next is the stupid farking manager of mine. He is still giving me farking nonsense and this time round, it's getting from bad to worst.. I am now TELLING YOU. I AM GOING TO EXPLODE SOONER OR LATER!! You better watch out your ass before it gets burn up by me... AND I AM VERY SERIOUS. You are making me damn farking pissed.. There is no 2nd person in this world who can compete the most farking, disgusting, idiotic, mentally nerd shit. Yes! To me you are just a SHIT... And the "SHITTEST SHIT" in the world. (Pls pardon me for all my nonsense english.) Oh yah! A little word for him.

"Hey you farking bastard! If you happen to chance by my blog, or you always visit my humble blog and you are reading. I'm going to tell you. YES! I am challenging you.. I making me hit the top of my limit. If you are reading this and yet still don't know that this is refering to you! Then you are simple not worth me challenging you. You are just a rubbish shit." myspace graphic comments

Arrgghh, writing about this makes my blood boil.. I better stop writing about him.. Let me see.. Any other things to blog about.. Gosh! Now then I know that my life is such a boring one. Nothing special, no excitement too. Hmmm.. Think, I shall stop here ba.. Feeling much beta after whining and I should head back to work before I can't finish it again.

Tataz.. Oh.. I hate Monday bluez... myspace graphic comments

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Too much things, too little time

Still I yet have the time to download my random photos for my birthday party, Victor's and Alif's farewell party and many others. I also have yet change my blog skin too.. Haiz.. I seriously need to be more organized.

Many things had been happening around me. Stuffs like Victor and Alif is leaving us for NS in another 2 DAYS time. Hope they can handle it well in Tekong.. Next is, my PSP slim. I was playing with it on sunday night, when I suddenly feel the pain in my stomach. So me, the smart ass, thinking to bring into the toilet to play while I s**t.. The moment when I open my master bedroom toilet, "Piak!!!!!" the cover of the battery from the PSP came out. The strap of the PSP had hook onto the handle of the door and I did not realise it.The moment I leave up my hand, the PSP hit against the door. Initially, I only thought that it strike the battery side. I put back the battery cover and tried to on it. The moment I saw the screen, I almost got fainted. The LCD was cracked.. OMFG.. How come it got crack.. Damn it.. I actually spoil the PSP which is only 3 days old.. *Shaking my head* I immediately woke hubby up and told him what happen (I was crying at the time). Hubby did not scold me and assure me that he will get it done by the next day.. *Phew* Thought I was going to get it from him.. So sweet of him.

Alright, shall be a short post for this. Gotta rush office stuff again. Oh, if I really have the time, shall blog about today's dinner @ Merchant Court hotel.. So see ya!..

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