Friday, June 13, 2008

Tired + Sleepy = Lazy Pig

Ever since I moved into my new house, I haven't been resting enough. From housewarming, to my birthday celebration, to mother's day celebration, to hubby's family members gathering, I have been waking up early and sleep late.. Since last week, I have starting to go down to Thomson to attend the NCC training. (Part time job). It means I have to wake up early again. Ofcos I have to wake up the same time again this Sunday wor.

Feeling my brain, hands, leg and eyes are not function properly. My brain can't help me think properly, my hands and legs are wobbly, and my eye lid keep shutting down automatically. Basically, I can't move anymore. I think my energy within my body is draining soon. And I mean real soon. I need a rest to regain my positive energy.. Rest without anyone asking me to do anything, rest with sleeping like dead log for the whole day. I need a holiday. Places besides the beach is definitely a good idea. Probably, I should check into a resort or chalet along the beach and take a day or two day break.. *Dreaming lying on the sand in a beach taking a nap* (Btw any sponsor for my holiday.) Looking forward to my Korea trip this year end. Hope nothing is gonna happen to ruin my long waited holiday.. *Pray*

Hmm.. NCC final is coming next week. Took a day leave to support our team @ Big Splash. Hope this year those little babies will do us proud. Grabbing the gold medal again. Flipping back the memories, it had been years since I last join NCC. Being the champion is always the tradition in Thomson KFC. We are so called the best of the best. People from other stores are scared of us when they know that we are joining in the NCC. And ofcos they will use unscrupulous ways to nail us down. Without knowing, we are the common enemy to other stores around in Singapore. Hmmm.. That's what we call the "eagles" in Thomson.

"Guys.. I know you all read my blog. Hope you will get the champion back and let the tradition runs without stopping and it shouldn't stop @ your hands."

Enough of all the pressuring words. Shall stop from here and get back to work.. Damn sleepy. I can't work. I'm a LAZY PIG... Going back into my dreams liao..

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