Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Too much things, too little time

Still I yet have the time to download my random photos for my birthday party, Victor's and Alif's farewell party and many others. I also have yet change my blog skin too.. Haiz.. I seriously need to be more organized.

Many things had been happening around me. Stuffs like Victor and Alif is leaving us for NS in another 2 DAYS time. Hope they can handle it well in Tekong.. Next is, my PSP slim. I was playing with it on sunday night, when I suddenly feel the pain in my stomach. So me, the smart ass, thinking to bring into the toilet to play while I s**t.. The moment when I open my master bedroom toilet, "Piak!!!!!" the cover of the battery from the PSP came out. The strap of the PSP had hook onto the handle of the door and I did not realise it.The moment I leave up my hand, the PSP hit against the door. Initially, I only thought that it strike the battery side. I put back the battery cover and tried to on it. The moment I saw the screen, I almost got fainted. The LCD was cracked.. OMFG.. How come it got crack.. Damn it.. I actually spoil the PSP which is only 3 days old.. *Shaking my head* I immediately woke hubby up and told him what happen (I was crying at the time). Hubby did not scold me and assure me that he will get it done by the next day.. *Phew* Thought I was going to get it from him.. So sweet of him.

Alright, shall be a short post for this. Gotta rush office stuff again. Oh, if I really have the time, shall blog about today's dinner @ Merchant Court hotel.. So see ya!..

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