Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's My Bithday

It's my birthday yesterday. Sad to say that I have lotsa of things haven't done yet. Things like changing my blogskin is still dangling around in my fingertips..

I've celebrated my 27th birthday last Saturday with a few of my close friends @ home having steam boat. I must thank them for giving me a wonderful birthday party. Having gathering around the table, munching the food, gossiping behind people's back (Yvonne, you know what I am talking about huh..), talking nonsense stuffs are an enjoyable things to do. Oh.. I must thank them for the birthday presents too.. This year I have received a Addidas Watch, a red sling bag, a mug, a hong bao and a perfume, and the most importantly is I really love it all.. Actually had taken some photos and shall upload it when I have the time. Too busy with my Hongkong drama series (that's the reason behind the lacking of sleep..) :p

On Sunday, didn't do anything. Basically "nuahing" at home and went back to mum's house for late lunch and dinner.

On Monday had meet up with Justin, Shanna and Jenny for a birthday dinner. Ofcos mine and another one is Jenny.. Forgot to wish her too.. Happy Birthday Jenny!! We went to a Japanese restaurant for a ala-crate buffet. Again, we started to talk nonsense. This is us when we are in secondary school days. Talking nonsense and laugh loudly is mine and Shanna's hobby.. *giggle* Pictures taken by Jenny and was send to me via facebook.. That's why I can upload the photo here.. Now let the pictures do the talking.

Food there was not bad one but the service is bad.. Expecting a higher service but wasn't given. Not really worth of money. I personally thinks that Sakae sushi's buffet would be a better spread.
On 28th May, it's my actually day of birthday. When the clock strike 12 am sharply, hubby called me over my phone (I was working in KFC @ that time). He actually sang a birthday song for me (Chinese and English version). At that point of time, I was like.... floating up to Mars. Yes, I know you may think that what's that special to be happy about.. But do you know, if your love one does a surprise for you, be it a mushy one or a childish one, you will still feel happy and sweet about it. At least I know I am standing in a place where is so near to the core of hubby's heart. In short, I am his everything.. Thanks dear I love you so much.. Back to topic, the next person to sms me with blessing is May than followed by Alif.. I must really thank them for remembering my birthday.. It's really happy to know that at least there are more than one person who are concern about me. No special meal was planned by hubby for the actual day as mum wants us to go home and have dinner. We headed home for dinner after work. Yes, I still have to work.. Mum gave me a surprise by cooking 2 hard boiled eggs except for the mee sua cos I don't really take that. Thanks mum! After dinner, hubby gave me another surprise again, this time is my gift. Never had I expected to receive a present from him cos he already spend rather alot for the Saturday party. He have given me a PSP slim.. Yay! Yay! Finally owe a PSP.
No luxious dinner, no hard core partying, just a simple meal with my family members and friends is more then enough. Hoping nothing will not change next year. XOXO Hubby, Mummy, Yvonne, Karen, Serene, Royce, Victor, Yibin, Vincent Ng, Vincent Tan, Geling, Justin, Shanna, Jenny, Alif, May, Rina, Yuxiang, Leo and many more who had send me ur blessing.. May god bless you guys too...

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