Monday, June 9, 2008

I Promise!! I really will...

Alright.. I'm thinking I'm damn farking lazy recently. I have been "nuahing" around with my PSP on hand. It use to be "nuahing" around with my lappy on hand.. I think it's time for me to swap from PSP to my lappy.. Meaning more blogging and less gaming.

Have read Princessa's blog this morning and came across a post on Xiaxue's blog. Saying how she started blogging, how the blog's readership from 2,000 to 25,000 a day.. At this point of time after I read the post, I was thinking, how to increase my blog readership (hoping to be Xiaxue no. 2. Although, I know I forever won't have the chance. Reason? Simple, Ang Moh not as "fli flac" as hers..)? How to make my blog juicer? Should I follow Xiaxue's style with a little pinch of Princessa's style blend with Sparklette's style and mix well with Mr Brown's style? Nah! Definitely not.. If I really mix and blend all into one, its equal to junk.. Yup, I mean JUNK!! Not saying their styles are all junks but I need to have my own style isn't it.. I jolly well knows that I will never be Xiaxue no. 2 but I will at least try to blog everyday, if not otherwise at least 3 times a week..

Enough of my being no. 2. Now must let me write something else.. Not feeling very well recently (be it mentally or physically).. My heart seems to be a little not ease since my father-in-law came last week.. It seems like there is an imaginary line to divide me and hubby apart. At times, I do think if I am overboard, by telling hubby his dad should not do this and should not do that. But, its my new house wor, have follow my law mah.. I have to maintain the house cleanliness de mah... Imagine, smoking in the house with the ash dropping around. Imagine, urinate stains found on the toilet seat.. Imagine, after meal, the rice gain around the table and some even on the floor.. Com'on.. Me not going to clear all these shits.. That's why have to keep reminding hubby.. Then next is the stupid farking manager of mine. He is still giving me farking nonsense and this time round, it's getting from bad to worst.. I am now TELLING YOU. I AM GOING TO EXPLODE SOONER OR LATER!! You better watch out your ass before it gets burn up by me... AND I AM VERY SERIOUS. You are making me damn farking pissed.. There is no 2nd person in this world who can compete the most farking, disgusting, idiotic, mentally nerd shit. Yes! To me you are just a SHIT... And the "SHITTEST SHIT" in the world. (Pls pardon me for all my nonsense english.) Oh yah! A little word for him.

"Hey you farking bastard! If you happen to chance by my blog, or you always visit my humble blog and you are reading. I'm going to tell you. YES! I am challenging you.. I making me hit the top of my limit. If you are reading this and yet still don't know that this is refering to you! Then you are simple not worth me challenging you. You are just a rubbish shit." myspace graphic comments

Arrgghh, writing about this makes my blood boil.. I better stop writing about him.. Let me see.. Any other things to blog about.. Gosh! Now then I know that my life is such a boring one. Nothing special, no excitement too. Hmmm.. Think, I shall stop here ba.. Feeling much beta after whining and I should head back to work before I can't finish it again.

Tataz.. Oh.. I hate Monday bluez... myspace graphic comments

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