Monday, June 16, 2008

Can't Bring myself to Nominate

It's the 2nd year blog awards for . Lots of the bloggers are either nominating their own blog or their favourite blogs for the following 12 awards.

1) Most Entertaining Blog
2) Most Interactive Blog
3) Most Insightful Blog
4) Best Photoblog
5) Best Audio/Video Podcast
6) Most Controversial Post
7) Most Dramatic Post
8) Most Entertaining Post
9) Most Insightful Post
10) Best Citizen Journalism Post
11) Best Review Post
12) Best Photo Post

As for myself, I can't find my blog suitable in either of the awards. Still here pondering which category should I nominate or should I give a miss of it and sit aside to watch better bloggers getting their awards.

Have you already nominate your blog in the event? If not, what are you waiting for if you find yourself falls into any of the category? Go nominate now. (Click the following button to start the ball rolling). Please take note, its closing for nomination soon on 16 June 2008.

Anyone gonna nominate in any of the above category? Or perhaps anyone can advise me what category should I nominate myself after reading my blog? *Rolling eyes* Fat hope ya! Soon, 2nd aniversary is coming. Wondering where will we be celebrating it this year. I've missed the previous one and hoping nothing bad will crops up this year so I can join in the fun!

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