Monday, June 16, 2008

My First Ping Outing @ Hai Bin Enterprise

I know I am too slow in my posting.. Was rather busy over the weekends and only now I have the time to write this post. Shhhh... I am doing it illegally. (In office).. Went for the 1st ping outing @ Hai Bin Enterprise.. Hmm.. It's actually located @ Bishan Park (603 Sin Ming Avenue. Tel : (65) 6554-1986) and it's a place where we can prawn fishing. The name of the place seriously doesn't sound like one.

When I first step into the place, I was rather lost. The place was rather packed and I don't now who actually are the pingster and the best part is, I actually forgotten to take down Krisandro phone no.. What a smart ass I am! Ofcos, hubby started to grumble. Why there is such a big sotong on earth? *Hehehe* Then I started to walk around the place try looking for familiar faces. Hoping to see Kitty aka Daphne. I remembered her face cos she was a guest host in Blogger's Treats. Then I saw Claudia (I can remember her too. I saw her photos in the her blog.) waving at me.. (I supposed @ that time she is waving @ me).. Then I walked towards them and stand at a corner with hubby not around (He went to see hot babe and hunks prawning.. In fact all are bengs and lians.) I was shy de wor.. I didn't walk up to them and I supposed they don't know I am Berlin.. *wahaha* Until, Daphne came and approached me asking if I am Berlin... Yeah!! Bingo!! Finally I was spotted.. *Hehehe*... I was being introduced to Wendy and her boyfriend, they were the only people around as the rest went to rent the rod. *Ahem* Abit too long on this start off.. Let's go furthermore.

Pingsters who attended this outing are adber, chaozdingo, claudia, arzhou, daphne, keith & wendy, Krisandro, KKNN, Shotgun & Abang, me & hubby. Wendy caught the first prawn among us..

(Photos extracted from Claudia) Thanks ger and sorry for not having ur permission.

Then later was Daphne the 2nd running in with her prawn and its her last one cos she feel bad for the prawns.. *Scratching head*

(Photos extracted from Claudia)

Then the hero came to help the gers out...

(Photos extract from Claudia)

Then subsquently was me.. Hehe.. Didn't managed to take any photos. Hands too busy with the rod and hubby's hands too busy with PSP..

After the prawning the pingsters had their catch BBQ and grobble into the stomach.. Me? Hmmm.. After the prawning, I needed to head back home early as my father-in-law is coming over to stay overnight and we are preparing to celebrate Father's Day.. The prawns I catch? Ahaha.. My hubby had it tabao home for my father-in-law.. Hmm.. Feeling rather bad for not sharing my catch.. That explains why I missed out the group photos..

(Photos extract from Claudia)

(Photos extracted from Claudia) Me & Claudia.

Its was a fun filled night and I am hook to prawning.. The next time, I shall visit Pasir Ris for a better prawning place. The one we go is too crowded and that's probably the reason on the low CR. Oh Yah! Another thing is, I need to thank Krisandro for his prawn.. Hehehe.. He had actually caught one and left it in my net. Hubby actually tot it was caught by me and brought it home.. Hehehe...

Looking forward for another ping outing. Hoping this time round, I will be more comfortable.. Hmmm.. Actually hor, I am not that shy de lei.. What on earth is happening to me lei? Suddenly so shy de... Sorry guys and gals if I am a little too cold and odd one out.. Pls bear with me wor.. I need time to warm up.. Hahahaha..

That's all folks.. Tataz..

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Anonymous krisandro said...

You r welcome for the prawn!

And it was great seeing you. Must rmb to not act shy the next time.


June 16, 2008 at 11:12 PM  
Blogger XiAoWeInI aka bErLiN said...

heehee.. Really shy lah.. Not act de lor.. Hahaha..

June 17, 2008 at 12:26 AM  
Anonymous daphne maia said...

k. 1st, i love ur blogskin!! 2nd.. dont be shy with us nxt time la!! hope to see u at nxt outing k!! *hugs!*

June 17, 2008 at 12:52 AM  
Blogger XiAoWeInI aka bErLiN said...

Daphne.. Great that you like my blogskin. Thanks to Princessa. she is the one who designed it and I merely download it from Hahah.. Yi(4)ci(4)sheng(1)liang(3)ci(4)shou(2)mah.. Hehe...

June 17, 2008 at 1:00 AM  

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