Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guys! You did us proud!

On the 18 & 19 June was the grand final for our KFC yearly National Champs Challenge. The whole competition is all about the serving of customer, the preparation of the food and not to be miss is the cooking of the main lead - CHICKEN!

This year the team from our store is mostly trained by Victor & Sherard. (Too bad Victor wasn't with us to see them play. He was in Tekong @ that time.. hehe) The coach for the team was Sze Mei. In the beginning, I was not very confident with this team formed. The players are either too arrogant, if not too easy to get mental block. And the worst part is, they can't seems to get together. In this competition, the most importantly needed is the TEAM WORK.. But seems that they are lacking of it together with the coach too. But things turn out to be a surprise to all of us.

On the 18th, I did not go and see their 1st play off. I need to work and unable to take leave on that day. But I promise to send them there for the next day play and thats why I was on leave on that day. Heard from lots of mouths from others and the players themselves, in short the play was SUCKS! But on the 19th, everything in them seems to came back to life. They played much more better than the previous day. After the whole play, I didn't really praised them but still yank at them for being too over confident and if no good result is being delivered, don't cry cos they deserved it.

When the result was announce on the later part of the night, our team did not managed to defend for our champion but we did have a few individuals award. Leo got a best cook awards out of 40 players and Rina got a best cashier awards out of 40 players too. Then 3 of our players are selected to represent Singapore in our next year Regional Challenge held in Bali. Yes! To compete with other country. Although we didn't managed to defend the champion as expected, but we still maintain our standard by having players being send out of country to play. Its more then enough. I am really proud of them. I am really happy.

Guys! You did us proud! Don't worry if we didn't managed to defend the champion this year. There is next year for us to grab it. Only we need to be extra hard working to take the champion back from them next year.. CHEERS!!!

Alright let the photos say our pass and now.

Our new KFC logo

Our last year team. (From left - Jerold, Shun Lai, Yuxiang, Rina & Leo. Center - Royce)

Photo too old liao.. Cos it was taken about 7 years back.. The very first champion team develope in TP. Then the defend carry on. (From left - Me, Seren, Jean, Poh Seng & Chee Wah)

The 2nd team form in the same year (from left - Karen, Devi, Kitty, Jean, Jega, Adrian (if I can still remember), Hubby, Jalaini & Jixiang.

Alright, that's all for now.. Shall try to upload the cheer video for you guys to see and ofcos if possible the CHAMPS CHALLENGE video.

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