Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fuming Hot!

This post is supposed to be posted yesterday. All thanks to blogger was down in the late morning yesterday. Whatever I have type had gone down to drain. Now I have to restart the whole post again. Lately, the weather here is killing. One moment as hot as dessert, the next moment raining cats & dogs. Ofcos when the weather is warm, we depend on one invention called Air-cond. We expect the air-cond to supply us with cool air to chill us down. But what if your air-cond is not functioning at such a god damn warm day.

Yup yup.. Mine air-cond is giving me problem now. Both my guest rooms air-cond are not working @ all. The air the air-cond releases is hot air.. So imagine the room is already so warm plus the air-cond releasing warm air out? *Faint*... I had already complain once to F--I--U (shall not disclose the brand name yet. If they fail to fulfilled my needs, I shall write in to Stomper and New Paper or even to CASE.) regarding my air-cond is not functioning. So they arranged their own technician to come over to check and said that the installer (their sub-contractor) had forgotten to fill up the gas. Then 2 weeks later, the god damn aircon is down again & I called them the 2nd time. This time round, they send the sub-contractor down to check and found out that one of the pipe was not tied properly. Then again after 2 weeks, it give the same problem. And once again I called them (this time round not in a very polite way). I told them, if they are not going to do anything, I am going to settle it by myself and I shall send them all the invoices and ofcos I will send a complaint to CASE to get my justice back. You may think that I am a nerd for blowing up the matter. But can you imagine, the paint of my bedrooms are all ruin and all thanks to their nonsense. I had it repaint back and the problem came back and I had to repaint again. IT'S REALLY HOPPING MAD!!!!! This time, both F--I--U technician and the sub-contractor came down. And they detected the so-called "Thermister" is not working. And the technician had it change on the spot. GUESS WHAT! It's still not working for goodness sake.. End of the day, the technician told me that he had to revert back to his engineer and see what can they do to it..

Till now, I am still patiently waiting for their call.. But I think my patient is running to the max.. Thinking I will blow up sooner or later.. I am going to give them till end of today and if they are not going to settle it. I will take up this issue myself... Wondering how can they advertise until so "Song".. Advertisement are not true de... This is what I found out... Believe me or not, up to you...

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