Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chong Shan Primary School Gathering

Had just came back from my primary school mates gathering. So many school mates.. So near yet so far.. Photos not loaded yet.. Hafta wait...

I'm in charge of the food and Lai Guo in charged of the rest. I hope they have enjoyed the food I've prepared.. Not easy thou but was fun. Contented to see them happily eat all the way.

Didn't managed to chat with the rest of the gals, cos busy BBQing for everybody. Hope to have a chance to catch up with them real soon.

Shall wait for the photos from Wanyi aka Kellyn to be downloaded and will put up another post on this.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Tioman Trip

Had just came back from my short trip. Supposed to go back to work today but was too tired to return back to work.

The trip was a little tiring, first was the 44 seaters coach which was really uncomfortable then followed by the long 2 hours ferry. It cos me very sea sick.. The wave was really big but luckily we managed to reach still.

While waiting for our ferry to come

Hubby feeding me some coke to ease my motion sickness

One of the jetty stop.. Ours is the final one..

Finally reach the jetty

Finally reach our stop.. Nice one!

While walking to the main land, we took some corals on the float board.

Our ferry..

On the way to our coach to the chalet.

We took the "coach" lorry to the chalet. Was a fast ride which was abt 15 mins.

Me acting cute on the lorry.. Hahaha

Me & hubby acting cute..

Along the roadside to the chalet.

The place was rather ulu. It's really like kumpong. Nothing much to shop..

Finally reach the lobby

Karen waiting to check in..

Our Paparazzi.. Hahaha..

Taken from the lobby. Nice nice..

Me & the paparazzi Royce.

Nice view from the lobby

Our chalet

Hubby acting cute

from the top of our chalet room.

Hubby climbing up the coconut tree

Low tide

The gay couple.. So loving

me & hubby playing pool

Royce & Vincent playing arcade

Me playing arcade

Back to our room

2 rooms which is linked

Royce having his beauty sleep

Everybody is damn tired liao

Me ready for dinner time..

Our dinner place

First time dine in such a place.. But the food was nice.

Waiting for our food.

Don't think the eating place was easy to get wor.. We have to walk to the main gate of the resort then have to take taxi out for a 15 mins journey then reach de wor.. After the dinner, we went for a stroll around the place and headed back to the resort. We slept rather early on that very first day.

Our early morning look..

High tide photo.. Nice beach but not as nice as Redang Island.

The gay couple again...

Not really that nice beach

Opp is Renggis Island. The place where we are going for snookeling.

Vincent & Geling preparing for our banana boat trip

Royce & Vincent.. Another gay couple.. Their relationship is a little messy..

Getting up the banana boat is difficult.

Still trying hard to get on board

Finally get up..

Yeah! A photo before leaving.

Ready to set

Here we go..

Our first snookeling place

Me ready to start my snookeling

Royce so happy..

Fishes in the water.. Trying to find Nemo..

Nice coral actually

Hubby also so happy

Me & hubby



Me, Geling & Karen

The 3 of us again

Another snookeling site.. The Coral is nice

Hubby is a little dizzy already

Fishes @ another spot

Hubby tired face

Me too tired and a little like suckling pig

That's Geling

Fishy at another spot again

Karen is "si sui"

Geling & Vincent after the snookelin trip

After the snookeling trip, we had a rest and went for our dinner at the same "restaurant" again. After that we headed straight back to the resort. We are all damn tired with the four hours snookeling. It's really not as easy as we thought. Initially, we intend to take the 8 hours trip but luckily we decided to give it a miss, otherwise we will be a dead log.. The snookeling trip is a little dizzy cos of the strong wave. A bumpy boat ride which makes me seasick even till now!

Preparing to go home

Royce waiting for the ferry to come.

Everybody waiting for the stupid ferry to come

That's Karen listening to the radio

It's me with my psp

We have waited hours for the ferry to come. All of us are so eager to go home. On the way back home in the ferry is another scary ride. The wave was so big and the ferry is like nearly capsized as according to Geling. I didn't see it cos I was trying to catch some sleep to avoid getting seasick with the swaying..

We reach home quite late as according to the time given by the tour company. Guess this would be my last time going to Tioman. First the coach is out, then the long ferry ride is out too.. Plus the water is not as clear as Redang. Given me the choice, I would rather go Redang Island more then Tioman. Though the bus journey is 11 hours but it was a comfortable one. And the most important thing is the ferry ride is less then 1 hour. I have serious motion sickness problem.

Think I will show you some of the Redang Island photos.

This is the Coral of Redang Island.. Isn't it beautiful

With the fishy

Look at the environment.. Its really beautiful. I swear!

Another shot under the water.

The place even is low tide.. Still beautiful

The sand is simply soft..

Look at the difference. Redang Island provide photo taking but not Tioman. Therefore we are unable to take photos underwater. Plus to be frank the water at Tioman is not as clear as Redang.

I am thinking of going to Lankawi as lots of people highly recommend there.. Prolly will arrange a trip next year ba.. Well again, our group planning for a trip to Perth. Need to start saving and hoping for a good bonus.. If not otherwise, I think we have to give it a miss le.. Hope to join in the fun next year. Guys pray for me yah... Hehehe..

Alright that should be all le.. Need to sign off.. Heading to bed again.. Damn tired.. and still a little dizzy..