Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's Year End! New Year Eve!

Yeahh!! Finally it's year end and a brand new year for everybody is gonna come soon in another 13 plus more hours to go.. So any plans for you tonight.. Partying? Countdown? Or like me, prefer to stay at home to avoid the festive crowds. Staying at home to watch my favourite TV show, do manicure, upload my holiday photos. If there is anyone available can also play mahjong which I don't mind.

Remember one thing, if go party pls heel my advise

If Drink Don't Drive, If Drive then Don't Drink!

Alright enough chantings, let me do wish all my readers a

Happy New Year 2009! myspace graphic comments

P/S : Wish Adrain a Happy Birthday.. Hope you enjoy your date wif ur gal..

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Korea Day 1

Alright as promise, I am slowly uploading the photographs.. So be patient with me ya..

Bus Bay outside the Airport

Exit of Airport

Entrance of Airport

Our 1st meal (Seoul Incheon Airport)

Hubby & his Curry Pork Cutlet

My Fishball Noodle

On Coach to Gimpo Airport

At Gimpo Airport 1

At Gimpo Airport 2

In Domestic Flight To Jeju

Outside Jeju Aiport

Exterior of Jeju Airport

Heading to Coach

Our 1st Lunch - Fish (Jeju)

Other side of Side Dishes

Another side of Side Dishes

Jeju Special (Fish)

On Coach to 1st destination

1st destination - Yeongduam

Yeongduam Significant Rock (Dragon Head Rock)

Me & hubby @ Yeongduam (1)

Me & hubby @ Yeongduam (2)

Me & hubby @ Yeongduam (3)

Group Photo with Jeju Tu Di Gong & Tu Di Po
From left - Geling, Vincent,Royce, Karen, Me & Hubby

Me & hubby with Tu Di Gong

Me & hubby with Tu Di Po

2nd Destination - TopDong St (Shopping)

Along TopDong St

Me posing @ TopDong St

One of the Shop Front @ TopDong St

Vincent & Geling infront of a Shop @ TopDong St

Our 1st Fast Food Meal (MacDonald) @ TopDong St

3rd Destination - The Mysterious Road
Karen riding bicylce as an experience

Mini Eatery along Mysterious Road

My 1st toilet encounter @ Mysterious Road in Korea

Portrait of Fish which we took for our 1st Lunch @ Mysterious Road

Posing with 1 of the Jeju's Folk Tales Kiddos

Hubby posing with another Kiddos

Me with another Kiddos

Me, Karen & Royce in Coach heading to 4th destination

Vincent & Geling in Coach

4th Destination - Jusangjieolri Coast Rock Seashore (Group Photo)
From Top - The man behind the Pink Winter wear is Vincent, Geling in pink winter wear, Karen, Royce, a little girl from our tour group and me.

It's so cold @ Jusangjieolri Coast Rock Seashore

Water of Jusangjieolri Coast Rock Seashore

Rock of Jusangjieolri Coast Rock Seashore

Vincent & Geling @ Jusangjieolri Coast Rock Seashore

Me posing stupidly @ Jusangjieolri Coast Rock Seashore

Whole View of Jusangjieolri Coast Rock Seashore

Me act cute @ Jusangjieolri Coast Rock Seashore

Hubby @ Jusangjieolri Coast Rock Seashore

The Eskimos in Jusangjieolri Coast Rock Seashore

Royce too feeling cold

Wanna fly

Oyster picked from Jusangjieolri Coasr Rock Seashore by Haenyeo

Biggest Seashell in Korea

Our 1st Dinner - Seafood Steamboat

Seafood Steamboat

Me & Hubby - 1st night Hotel (Jeju LotteWorld)

Teddybear (Taewang Sahin Gi - Korean Drama) within hotel of LotteWorld

In lift of Hotel

Another Teddybear Figures in Hotel

Hubby in his Winter wear

Me @ the Garden of Hotel

Finally complete loading day 1 in Korea.. Stil have another 7 days more to go.. Pls allow me to have some time..

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