Thursday, December 16, 2010

Can't Wait

It's been 2 weeks since I last blog. Not i've been lazy.. Its just no time to do it.. Really busy with all the stuffs around me.

Finally had update mine & hubby's polices with my agent. Its been so long since I've get my polices updated. And now, I've done the necessary upgrade or update on the policies. Phew.. Not easy.. Have to ensure I've get a comfortable payout with an affordable premium. The so called "ai pi ai qi(in hokkien)" wahahahaha... Isn't this a typical auntie? OMG.. I've become an auntie le lah.. I was talking to mum yesterday abt the policies we have bought and guess what she says.. "Tomorrow I shall cook and put in some rat poison and she'll get the money" Hahaha, so cute of her..

Had a nice talk with mummy and she was talking abt luck for the next lunar year which is rabbit. She said that my luck will go down all the way to the bottom. When I heard this, I was like what the hell.. I've been in bad luck for the past few years. Guess this is life.. You will have the highest point and ofcos you will drop to the lowest point. Well, although mum said that my luck in not good next year, yet, I looking forward for the coming new year. Hope to have a restart in everything and to re-plan my target..

Hoping I can go for a short break before starting my new year. Still planning for it but seems its not getting anywhere.. Haiz... Alright going to sign off le.. Need to get back to my homework..

P/S : Having a rest is to start everything afresh.

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