Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hubby's Great Imagination

Few days back ago, me and my dear hubby was chatting in the van. We are talking about driving in Singapore. The topic was how people was driving now a day. That day, we had come across a few drivers which drive so recklessly. They will just cut into the lane and just drive slowly after that..

So, hubby's imagination runs wild again.. Hahahaha.. The thought of it can't make me stop laughing. He said that his company van is rather power. If he shift gear and accelerate, the van will accelerate very fast. He too said that if the van have more than 4 gears, say like example 10 gears. The van will have enough power to take off like a plane. We only need to fit in the wings like the plane and it will fly like one. He too said that if in future, there is this "flying car" there will be no more road accident but air accident. If the "air accident" really happens, we doubt that there will be any survivors unlike road accident. Ermm.. He said by then the word "car crash in the air" (as in like plane crash) will be so commonly use.. Then laughter breaks in.. he is really my dearest dear.. He never fail to crack stupid joke to make my day.

This post is rather lame but no choice, I wanna write this down to remember every single thing he do. Again, he is the very dear to me. I am so happy to have a hubby like him. He is simply so thoughtful and so love me. He just make my life bright.

I hope that everyone will learn to love the one who is always by your side. Nevertheless, always learn to appreciate them! Alright shall sign off from here ba.. Good night.


Farewell my dear friend

It's wee hours in the morning. Not feeling a little sleepy, maybe slept too much earlier this afternoon. Yvonne is leaving this evening to a place where she can find happiness. I do really hope she can find her happiness and cast her depression far far away..

Recently so many things have happen to her. I believe leaving this place will be a better choice for her. And I believe that her career will take off to another level.. Will I miss her? Well, that's ofcos. But whats there to worry off! The technology is so advance now, we can msn or even web chat! The only worry is that this blur sotong can't take care of herself well. She always fall sick.. "Gal you need to learn to take care of yourself. Make sure you don't fall sick wor"

Last but not least, I hope she will enjoy her trip to the fullest and never the least, don't forget the friends and family here.. We are right here waiting for you.. If you face any prob do call me or msn me, Okay! Bon Voyage.. All the best!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Dinner & Dance (KFC)

Wednesday is the Annual Dinner & Dance for KFC. This year is a little special. We had it at Sentosa. Yes! Sentosa!! It's a brand new experience. Dumping the usual 10 course meal. This time we are having buffet instead.

We reach Sentosa abt 1830hrs and took a bus to our venue. First we are welcome by our very own Hawaiian girls and the sea breeze. Then we were lead to our seats and wait for the event to start.

This is me.. Hahaha.. Casual wear for the first time.

To kick off the start, it's the fireworks. Never thought that we can have our very own fireworks. I just love fireworks. Here's a short video taken by myself.

Next is the very important soul of the event. The MC! Yes! Justin is our MC.. He is best MC is so far. He is damn funny and we just love the way he cracks his joke. I think no one can beat him... Maybe, just maybe, I'm mountain turtle, never had the chance to see other better MC. But till my life now, I feel that he is the best for now. Coming up is the buffet dinner. Not very sumptuous and rather messy.. Not really well organise on the food.

The organiser had organise a little competition "You think you can dance well". Ermm.. Well for me, I think this section is the worst part. Cos its rather boring. Perhaps the real reason is that they are not professional enough.

Ending part is the most exciting part. It's the top 10 lucky draw. Top prize is a Yamaha motor bike. Other prizes are like Apple Ipod, few LCD TVs, Nitendo Wii, Trip to HongKong. But non of these land on my hand. Guess lady luck is not on my side. Wait for next year ba. Try harder! Sorry for not taking more photos.


The busy work week

Catherine had been on leave for the past one week. And this one week is the most tough and tiring week for me. Stress level had move up to the red alert zone and I'm getting sleepless nights due to nightmare.

After surviving thru this week, it makes me feel more worried. Having the thought of Siti going for maternity leave makes me mad. Can't help but keep wondering if boss will get a temp staff to take over Siti.. Haiz, throw this aside. Let boss do the decision and all we can do is to sit and wait for the good news to come.

Although the stress level had gone up. I've never forget to cheer myself and my teammates up. Joking is always my strong point. Talking nonsense and making funny faces will never be missed. Oh Yah! Appraisal is just around the corner. I've been thinking how would I fare. Will I get the one I expected or just the other way round.. I wish and wish the best will be on my side.. Please wish me well.. I hope for my LV bag... And nvr to forget my holiday trip on March too..

Pray, pray, pray hard... ZZzzz...


When a relationship turns sour

Phew.. Notice that I've been missing from my blog for a very long long time. Maybe I've nothing to write or maybe no feelings in me. The FACT is I'm lazy.. Always wanted to write something but always that lazy to even switch on my lappy..

Recently lotsa things happen around me. The one which affects me the most is between my bff and a Mr Nice Guy's relations. Yup.. They had ended their newly bloom love. Hearing from her makes me feel that I am to blame. I'm the one encouraging her to take the first step. I'm the one asking her to learn to appreciate and love the one before her. But guess its all wrong. I've made 2 different souls to be together and it ended sourly. I could not conclude who is on the right or wrong side when the relations ended. Afterall, I'm just a 3rd party standing outside seeing the outcast of the whole saga. All I know that when a love is gone, it will turn very sour and one may change into a devil in just a day.

Having to know lotsa things after chatting with her. Knowing that sometimes truth is cruel and words can be hurting. Even putting words into other's mouth is cruel too. Used to all these and nothing special to me. As long as everything is clear up, I'm still me. I always the truth will come to a light when the times ripe. There is no need to confront and god will know it They will punish those who just spout words which is not said. Lucky enough that this BFF of mine knows me well and will understand me. I always never know that I can be such a great influenence. But I'll very much wanna clear this up. Naggy is part of me and I will never ever force one to follow my view. I just share what I view and try to bring out situation for you to see. So decision is still yourself and never blame anyone after the decision is made. And this BFF of mine always refuse to listen, she'll always do it her way which ended up hurting herself (but there are times she had it her way!). "Orbi good! Don't listen to me lah! See lah!" ;) this is what I always tell her.. Nevertheless, I still can't believe that I'm a great influence (a person who always give lousy view and make OTHERS choose the wrong decision - To whom may think this way). Well I think I should keep mum and never ever share anymore my point of view to ppl that I don't really know. Haiz.. Having vent out this is really soothing. Anyway it had ended and nothing to do with me anymore. Who is right and who is wrong? I don't know. Maybe everyone has their own way of thinking.

Just hope both of them will be happy after parting each other. I hope she will be strong and move on happily. And I hope the man will find his "one" and live on. I hope too this saga ends well.. Coming back to see all the lovers around me. Love is just something so wonderful. Love can make some blind and too can make one turns into devil. So be smart in choosing ur love one and don't ended up as a devil..!!

P/S : Wishing all lovers will be happily ever after.

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