Thursday, June 10, 2010


I've been working in my current company for abt a year plus. Everything have already settled down and I'm sitting comfortably or I should say I'm more stable. I've been putting in all my best to absorb whatever I can learn and is getting a little exhausted.

  It's not easy to work in my company. One need to work like a octopus or I should say like a monster. People who work in my department need to have 4 pairs of hand, 4 brains, 4 pairs of eyes, 4 pairs of ears, 1 mouth. Having the need to split ourself into several pieces in order to complete our heavy loaded job. Haiz.. Really need to have a break from it..

  This saturday is our company family day. We are going to the Zoo.. I hope I can win the lucky draw.. At least make the day worthwhile. Holidays will be in my plan within the next few months. Hoping to have a completely relaxing break. Any suggestion. We planning for a beach holiday. We need a nice beach to laze on, clear waters to swim in. If can snorkel will be the perfect match. Oh.. Yes! We need to have a nice massage with all the sea sports available. Never to miss out stuffs like banana boat, para-sailing and etc. Common peeps, give me some ideas.

  Can't wait for my plan holidays to set sail..

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Our Visit to Universal Studio Singapore

Last Saturday, hubby and me went to the Universal Studio Singapore with Karen, Geling, Vincent and Royce. We were quite excited since Friday. But the weather that day was lousy. Heavy rain in the morning.

  We reached Hard Rock Hotel which Vincent booked for Geling's Birthday around 10am. The hotel is fabulous. I love the exterior and interior of the hotels. Even the lift are well decorated. After breakfast, we headed to Universal Studio.

  We let the photos do the talkings. It's a little disappointed cos either part of the rides were not ready or some of the rides were facing technical problem. But we sure have fun taking photos with the cartoon characters.

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