Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sotong Doctor V.S Sotong Me

Remember my previous post about me having the spiral pain? I have mentioned that I went to see doctor on last Saturday. Something hilarious happened when I went back to work.

I was supposed to submit my MC and the medical bill to my boss when I was back in office yesterday. I, happily filling up the petty cash form and took out the money from the petty cash and something happened! Sotong me only came to realised that the MC the Sotong Doctor given me was wrong date. Gosh! I am in dead meat. How can I submit the MC with the wrong date given. Therefore, I withdraw the claim and return back the money to the petty cash.. *Sob sob*

This is what happen on last Saturday.
I went to see the doctor for the 2nd time with hubby but at a different poly clinic. The doctor was telling me that I could be suffering tail spine muscle strain and its very common among OLs. He was telling me that I should monitor for another 2 more weeks and if the pain or numbness still persist, I should go back to the same polyclinic and they will do an X-Ray for me. If there is a need, they will also refer me to specialist for some physio therapy. Then the doctor also ask me to stand once every hour when I sit in the office to ensure the blood circulation. He also said that he will teach me how to exercise to lessen the pain on the spine muscle. But it was interrupted with a phone call to him. After the phone call, the sotong doctor forgotten to teach me the exercise and sotong me also forgot to ask him. Later, he prescript some vitamins for my nerves, pain killer for the pain, medication for the gastric to go along with the pain killer and sleeping pills as sotong doctor could see that I am very tired. Then he ask me if I needed an MC for that day but I rejected, telling him that I am off on Saturday. Then sotong doctor say he will then give me the MC on following Monday then. So sotong doctor printed out the MC and pass it to sotong me. Sotong me took over without checking and went down straight to the pharmacy to collect my medication and left for home.

Sotong me still did not realise anything wrong. Sotong me was so called drowsy for the whole week due to the medication and was even worst as I took the sleeping pills. I was totally knocked out from Saturday to Sunday and to Monday. So Sotong me only get to realise that the MC was given wrong date yesterday. Imagine, I don't even know the date when I reached office. Totally mess up the time and date since last week. Till now, I am still like sleepwalking. Hahaha... I can't even remember what I did yesterday.

I had already called up polyclinic to verify this issue and hoping they could reproduce me the MC. If not otherwise, I will have to lie to my boss that both the MC and medical bill is lost.... SHHHHH... Pls help me to keep a secret if you know my boss.. Don't sabo me wor... If not I am in deep shit liao..

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