Thursday, July 10, 2008

Warmth can be still found in this world

Lots of people around me include myself keep saying that nowsaday the society is getting more and more cold (in terms of relationship). Nobody is ready to help each other or even give a little concern to their friends or even their next ones. But recently, I came to know that I was all wrong.. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!!!

There are still warmth in this present world.. I was not feeling well since last week and all my friends and even Pingsters are all very concern about me.. I am really touched.. Now I feel my pressence in this world.. THANKS GUYS & GALS for your concern and regards. I am alright now although still feeling the pain.. myspace graphic comments

Haiz... talking about my pain.. After 2 days of working in KFC after my full time job, my spine pain seems had slowly creeping in.. Initially, after a long week break, I don't really feeling the sharp pain anymore. (only feeling abit sore and slight pain). But now, it seems that I am starting to feel the sharp pain.. Haiz... I hope it do goes off by next week.. Otherwise I will really have to go back to see the doctor again.. myspace graphic comments

Alright better choaz before my boss walked in..

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